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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Parker limited

After practicing Wednesday, Willie Parker was limited to team drills today as he continued to recover from his sprained knee.

Friday will be a big day for Parker. If he's again limited, he could be held out of his fourth consecutive game.

As expected, Marvel Smith did not practice again. Max Starks will start at left tackle.

© In other news, the Steelers and Heinz Field management are warning fans to watch out for counterfeit tickets when attempting to make a purchase from scalpers for Sunday’s game against the New York Giants. Kickoff is at 4:15 p.m.

The Steelers are recommending that fans only purchase tickets from authorized agents.

“We have received information that indicates we can expect some scalpers to be selling counterfeit tickets to Sunday’s game,” said Steelers spokesperson Dave Lockett. “It is hard to tell the difference between some counterfeit tickets and the real thing, so the only way to be sure is to only buy tickets from authorized agents.”


Patrick said...

this Parker thing is starting to bother me. What is going on here Dale? He has had plenty of time to receover but is not right and seems to keep pushing it. I feel like he is either not being honest with the Medical staff or not honest with himself. Everytime he puts on pads he sets himself back. If he is not going to play he needs to just relax.

Also, sunday is a big day for Starks. He is facing great competition at Left Tackle in a contract year. If he has a big game he might cashing in during FA in the spring. (That assumes he plays well this week, Smith comes back and Starks doesn't play)

Dale Lolley said...

It's tough to tell. Tomlin is very guarded with injuries.
Heck, he's been saying Marvel Smith only has back spasms.

Liguori said...

The Post-Gazette is now reporting that Parker is most likely out for the Giants game.

Is it possible that this is a situation where his injury needs surgery, but he is trying to play through it and put off surgery until the offseason?