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Thursday, October 23, 2008

WPXI says Holmes busted

According to WPXI, Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes was pulled over Thursday night and found to have marijuana in his car.

There has been no confirmation on the report, but the revelation could lead to an eventual suspension of Holmes if convicted of possession.

The severity of a suspension would depend on if Holmes has tested positive in the past for marijuana. First-time offenders in the NFL's drug program are not suspended and are instead entered into the NFL's drug offender program, getting increased testing.

You'll also remember that Jacksonville's Matt Jones was arrested last spring in an automobile using cocaine. He was only recently found guilty of an offense and word is that he'll receive a three-game suspension.

Holmes has, of course, run afoul the law in the past, getting arrested twice soon after being drafted by the Steelers in 2006. One incident was for assault, but those charges were dropped.

The other was for an incident in South Beach for failing to heed an officers warnings to clear the street.


Anonymous said...

I think he will be suspended, its just a matter of when.

datruth4life said...


With Aaron Smith missing his 3rd straight day of practice for personal reasons, is he going to play on Sunday? There is no way they beat the G-men without him.

Also, what are you hearing as far as the punishment for Santonio Holmes? How stupid is that, driving around with no license and a few blunts in your ash tray? If that was Dallas Baker instead of Holmes, he'd be gone. Homes is not endearing himself to the Rooney family when it comes time to talk extension with his agent.

Any moves on the horizon for this weekend, such as either CB Roy Lewis or CB/S Grant Mason be activated?

Also, what are your thoughts on RB Gary Russell being a legit RB option for this team. I'm a big fan, but he did nothing this past weekend. Is he a legit RB or is he just a journeyman that won't be anything more than a practice squad RB?

Liguori said...


It has been reported on various National and Local media outlets that Holmes has been deactivated by Tomlin for the game against the Giants.

It's my understanding that Tomlin will address and explain it more when he speaks to the Media later today. My guess is that the League won't take action until the Legal Process has worked itself out or at least moved along somewhat.

Dale Lolley said...

I wasn't in Pittsburgh today, so I won't know if Smith practiced until after they're done. I would assume he's back and will play.
Holmes has been suspended by the team for the game. Nate Washington will start against the Giants.
I doubt they'll activate a DB. No need.
As for Russell, it's going to depend on Willie Parker's status.
He looks like a career backup to me, but you never.

Dale Lolley said...

And Tomlin doesn't speak to the media on Friday. He may in this situation, but he doesn't normally.

Liguori said...

This article has the comments that Tomlin made after practice:

kelly said...

If Smith doesn't play, that's a HUGE blow to our run D and easily our biggest problem to solve.

Any word on whether it'll be Baker or Sweed as the 3rd WR?

kelly said...

I wouldn't mind seeing Hoke and Hampton on the field at the same time... We need to stop Jacob's and Co.

Dale Lolley said...

Baker will be No. 3

Dale Lolley said...

Smith did not practice again today and is questionable to play Sunday. He's a guy who can play without practicing, though.
Parker was held out of practice Friday. He's doubtful to play.

datruth4life said...


Any chance the kickoff returner/punt returner (WR/RS Jayson Foster) they signed to the practice squad will be activated now that Santonio is down for this week? Najeh can return kicks, but our only punt returner is Mewelde Moore.

Do you want your starting running back to return punts, too, especially when he might be your no. 1 back for the forseeable future? I wouldn't.

Man, I think we will know a lot about Tomlin and this team come Monday. As much as it hurts to not have his big-play ability for this Sunday, I like the move by Tomlin to send Holmes away and tell him to not show up until Monday morning. This team loses a playmaker, but I think that Tomlin gains a lot of respect from his players and around the league for this move.

No Aaron Smith equals no chance this weekend. Let's hope he participates in tomorrow's walk through and plays on Sunday.

It's time for Nate Washington, Dallas Baker and Limas Sweed to earn their paychecks this weekend.


Dale Lolley said...

That is a problem at punt return. They may have to think about bringing that kid up. But he's untested as well. They don't have anyone else to handle that. They may tell Moore just to go out and fair catch them. That's pretty much all they've done anyway this season. Plus, the Giants' kickers are actually older than the Steelers'.

Anonymous said...

Number of questions:

Do you know for sure if Holmes is a first time offender? First offense is never announced by the league. Assuming it is his first offense, given Santonio's arrest history, is it still possible for Goodell to suspend him under player conduct rather than substance abuse?

Also, is it correct that substance abuse is wholly a league matter and a player can only be disciplined by the league, and as such deactivation is Tomlin's only option at this time?

What's the latest a team can make a roster move? I thought it was close of business Fri? Is calling up Foster still an option? Who did they have fielding punts in practice Fri? Aside from Moore, Townsend is the only guy I can think of who has experience. That was a decade ago, and with his foot, doubt he'd be an option anyways. Lots of guys with KO experience, but none with PR.

Joshua said... is reporting that 91 will miss today's game.

Dale Lolley said...

I have no idea about Holmes' status in regards to previous strikes in the drug program. As you said, those are not announced. But marijuana and illegal drugs are treated differently than performance enhancers. Performance enhancers are automatic suspensions on the first strike.

Yes, the NFLPA contract says that teams cannot suspend a player for a violation. That's the league's duty. That's why Tomlin never said Holmes was suspended. He said he was deactivating him so as not to be a distraction.

They can make roster moves on Saturday and often do. In fact, this week, they cut Donovan Woods and activated Patrick Bailey, who's a better special teams player.

Moore will handle punt return duties. Ward has done it in the past.