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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday update

Ben Roethlisberger missed his second consecutive day of practice Thursday, but don't make too big a deal of it. He'll play Sunday. Mike Tomlin is working the QB as little as possible this week so that he'll be able to give him the entire bye week off and get him back to 100 percent coming out of the bye.

It doesn't appear that Nick Eason and Carey Davis will be able to play.

Davis is no surprise, but Eason is another blow to an already thin defensive line.

Look for the team to activate Scott Paxson from the practice squad to add some depth.

Paxson would probably play some nose tackle behind Chris Hoke, with Orpheus Roye rotating with Travis Kirschke and Aaron Smith on the outside.


datruth4life said...


So, who does it look like it will be at right guard against the Jaguars, D. Stapleton or T. Essex? Regardless, I think both would be an upgrade over K. Simmons.

During the past 2 years, I thought Simmons has spent more time on the ground than he has up trying to block his man. I've also seen him get pummeled in pass protection on the regular too, with the DL taking a side of Simmons and driving him back to the QB with Simmons falling off in the process. In other words, Mahan was weak link No. 1 & Simmons was weak link No. 2. Also, Stapleton didn't do such a bad job this past week. They will not come more bigger or stronger for him to block than DT Ngata from the Ravens. Essex offers a little more size, but the bottom line is for either to help do their part in keeping Ben upright.

With Paxson probably being activated, who do you think is the odd man out on the cut list this week? I definitely didn't think the team would be playing musical chairs with the roster this early in the season but injuries can do that.

Dale, don't you think it is time for them to let Gary Russell show what he can do? I've always thought he was the best downhill runner and short-yardage runner on this team for the past two years. This offense needs a grinder, and he is the only one on this squad that can consistently get the tough yards among or RBs.


kelly said...

I agree with all of your comments datruth. I'm on the fence about who I'd like to see in for Simmons. I think I'd start Essex this week against the Jags just because of his size. The Jags have a big D-line and his size could help neutralize that and give us some push up front. Stapleton would be better suited on running plays when the guard needs to pull and he has more reps, but for some reason I feel like Essex would work better for this game.

All that said, I think Darnell will get the nod because he's had more work and I'm sure the last thing the coaching staff wants is anymore 'mental' errors or missed assignments.

Alex said...

I think Colon should start for Simmons and Starks should take his spot.

This would help the run game ALOT and pass pro would probably be fine too.

adamg said...

Tomlin said Stapleton will start.

Dale Lolley said...

I said all along I thought it should be Essex because of the experience factor, but it appears they'll go with Stapleton.

As for a move to get Paxson on the roster, they've got an extra linebacker right now, but Bailey is hurt and Woods is coming back.

I think you'll see Gary Russell in short-yardage situations.