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Friday, October 02, 2009

Who I like

If the Steelers weren't desperate for a win last week, they certainly are this week against the San Diego Chargers.

These two teams met last season, with the Steelers coming away with a pair of victories at Heinz Field over the Chargers. In fact, the Chargers have struggled in Pittsburgh, having not won there since 1994.

LaDainian Tomlinson could return for San Diego this week, but has never run well against the Steelers. And, in fact, the Steelers may have less of a problem stopping Tomlinson than they would have had with Darren Sproles.

Don't get me wrong, Sproles wasn't going to hurt the Steelers running the ball, but he's dynamite on screens. And if Tomlinson plays on first and second down before giving way to Sproles, it takes some of the element of surprise away.

The Chargers are also not a dink-and-dunk team. Phillip Rivers is going to drop back and chuck the ball. San Diego has an X-factor in tight end Antonio Gates, but I would expect Lawrence Timmons to draw Gates in coverage a lot. He can run with the big man and also give him a physical matchup as well.

Both teams have struggled scoring touchdowns in the red zone and the winner will be the team that at least partially solves some of those woes.

I like Pittsburgh to be that team at home, winning, 27-20.


Philip said...

I see the Steelers picking up a lot of momentum against the worst defense they've played so far this season. Cinci, Tennessee, Chicago - all stout defensive teams. San Diego has been lit up on the ground so I think this one is ours to lose.

As a side note, want to thank Dale for not turning this into an obnoxious shill for a pay-per-view blog.

Patrick said...

I want to thank Dale for being a friend - James Taylor

Yo DL, Parker is prob down, Mendenhall apparently can't figure out where he is supposed to be on the field and Moore is def more of a 3rd down back. Summers is done, Johnson can't walk, Noah Herron is still beating up would be robbers with bed posts.

My point is where's the depth at RB? Does Redman get activated this week and dress to cheers akin to that of a Roman Gladiator? I realize that would require someone getting knocked down or out, but is it possible? Are they comfortable with Mendenhall, Moore Davis? Maybe Logan in a pinch?

Lastly, lets bring this up again. With all the short yardage problems this team is having, why not try Dixon in some stuff? I'm not advocating the Wildcat exactly, but don't you think he could make something happen on short yardage and red zone situations? (I'm thinking more like a 3rd and 2, rather than 3rd and goal, because BR is money in the redzone usually). Bouchette talked about this today and I think if the offense continues to stall, they need to find a spark somewhere.

Oh and as much as it makes sense for the Steelers to win this one. (seriously 3 loses in a row?), I just can't pick them. I don't know what to say about this game other than I don't think it goes well. Hopefully I'm dead wrong.

Michel Sauret said...

I hate to even suggest this... but what if the Steelers go 1-3

Is that too big of a hole to dig our way out considering the first half of our season was supposed to be the easy half?

Michel Sauret said...

This is the fourth game this season that the Steelers will face a team that is not as good as them. The key is to not allow the Charges "hang around" like they did with the Bears and Bengals. The Chargers by far have the least intimidating defense, but it's the connection between Rivers and his "dump-off" threats who can make some moves in the open space that scares me.

Anonymous said...

more comments with Patricia whining, get a life

Anonymous said...

Is Parker going to start or even play? heard he is doubtful.

Patrick said...

what was I whining about? I was asking about RB depth/Redman being activated?, possible Dixon, and me not liking the Steelers chances

Pick your battles, if you're going to argue, bring an argument clown.

Anonymous said...

yeah and leave a name if you give the rest of us anonymousi a bad name.

Agree with Dale, Steelers win. I mean if they don't and we are at home, can we beat the Lions?

Agree with both sides, Redmond is not ready but what the hell, bring him. FWP is done for the year, should have been released in pre season, at minimum he needs to go the IR.

adamg said...

The coaches are perfectly happy with 3 RBs - Mendenhall, Moore and Davis if Parker can't go, which seem likely since he didn't practice today. BTW, Arians was quoted in the P-G, I think, that Mendehall has had an excellent week of practice.

The Steeler offense is built around the pass. There are few pass plays designed to go to the RBs except on 3rd down and they don't go with 2 RBs in the backfield very often now, either.
There is no need for Redman unless there are more injuries.

The real question is why they aren't dressing 5 WRs given how their QB prefers to play.

Anonymous said...

Davis is a FB not an RB. so If Parker is out, they are down to 2 RBs. (unless you count Logan)

Two different issues. they would have to make room on the roster before bringing up Redmond, much bigger deal.

They can dress 5 WRs and well may if Parker cannot go. Not sure who else they would dress. Davis will dress regardless, he's in Tanks slot.

Farmer Fran.

noel said...

The Chargers are missing big guys in the center of both lines. Their center is out, their NT is out. The Steelers should be able to exploit both of those weaknesses. There's been too much talk about Mendenhall and Sweed. We have loads of veteran leadership, Dick Lebeau, and hopefully some fire in the belly. So we lost two in a row. I think we'll see them put it all together this weekend.

Patrick said...

Davis has payed HB when there has been multiple injuries to RB's. I think it was last year during the 1st Ravens game.

I realize bringing Redman up would require roster shuffling, so yeh it's doubtful. I think Logan would be the "emergency back" if everything went south.

This week is interesting with who dresses and who doesn't though. Sweed may get to see his uniform because of Parker's injury.

kyle said...

It's spelled Redman. It's on the back of his jersey. I can understand misspelling Roethlisberger but Redman is pretty easy. Anyway, he's not an option. The kid was getting winded after three carries in preseason. I like him but he better be doing wind sprints before camp next year.

Vaflyer said...

One thing I have to give Steeler fans credit for...we sure are persistent in our beliefs even when it doesn't make any sense. Redman is the following: a decent prospect in a year or 2....maybe. If he was so good why didn't someone else sign him? What has he shown that Mendenhall hasn't? Don't give me preseason he was blah blah blah. Who led the team last year in the preseason in rushing?? Oh that's right, Mendenhall. The guy hasn't shown one thing that proves he can be an NFL RB let alone the "savior" of our aweful rushing attach. Please people lets just get over it.

What do you think Dale?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Cary Davis is back...and Tyrone Carter is still at safety...Fast Willie is done plus Bruce Arinas is calling the offensive plays..No run blocking from our great o-line...What's there to worry about...? Dave Las Vegas.

Patrick said...

I asked about Redman for the simple fact that Willie is not playing, Mendenhall was benched last week, Summers is done, carey Davis has been resigned not 5 days


I sarcastically made a comment about redman gettin the cheers of a Roman gladiator.

Do you seriously think I'm that much of a Redman fan? I'm just asking if the next in line will be activated due to not 1 (Willie), not 2(Summers) but 3( Johnson) injuries in the backfield. And sure Johnson and Summers bascially play the same position but correct me if I'm wrong, are we down to 2 halfbacks or not?

Thats all I want to know about Redman being activated. And I think it makes sense to ask.

Anonymous said...

What did Redman do to you guys? He led our team in goal line scoring in the preseason and so far Ben has led our team in goal line scoring this season.
Why can't we just replace him with Sweed, Arnold Harrison, or some other bottom of the depth chart player for a week or two. Give the kid a chance. I think we have had pretty good success with undrafted rookies. What he did in college and the preseason justifies at least a chance. A lot of teams didn't sign Silverback either and even the Steelers let Vrabel go so who knows how the kid will do. What have we got to lose other than some bottom of the roster scrub that nobody will pick up anyway. I think that chance is worth more than getting Ben killed on third and short or in goal line situations.

Patrick said...

oh and Vaflyer, us stupid Steelers fans must have been on to something. Rumor is that Eason has been cut and Redman activated, according to Wexell's Twitter.

So yeh, I was really asking a stupid question 2 days ago.

Anonymous said...

not that it's a big deal but i wonder if Eason will get picked up by someone and that will make it more likely for the steelers to resign Sonny Harris.

Michel Sauret said...

if it's close... we lose.

if we take control, 24-10 Steelers