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Friday, October 02, 2009

Parker doubtful

Willie Parker was unable to practice again Friday and is listed as doubtful to play Sunday night against the San Diego Chargers due to turf toe.

For San Diego, linebacker Shawn Merriman and running back LaDainian Tomlinson are both probable to play after making it through the week.

If Parker does not play, look for Rashard Mendenhall and Mewelde Moore to share carries for the Steelers against a soft San Diego run defense.


Collin Williams said...

I'm glad Tomlinson's starting instead of Sproles

Anonymous said...


Any truth to the rumor that Redman is getting signed from the PS?

Anonymous said...

Here are two links that say that Redman is a "game time decision" according to the coaching staff and may be activated if Parker doesn't play. Of course this is from Redman and he thought he did enough to make the team in September. I did too. How stupid of both of us. At least we have had no trouble scoring and we have found a great goal line back in Big Ben. Ben might be the best short yardage back we have had since Bettis. I think, however, that Redman is a bit less dangerous to use at the goal line than our 100 million dollar quarterback. Maybe October will bring him a chance to prove himself for real.

adamg said...

Redman is on the practice squad. If he was signed, it would have to be to the 53 man squad and another player would have to be released or placed on IR. Who would that be?
In his press conference, Tomlin specifically said David Johnson dressed to wear "two hats" (FB, TE)
so that Arnold Harrison could be activated for ST instead of Summers.

If Parker would be placed on IR, I'm sure the team would activate a RB from the practice squad, but that player could well be Justin Vincent and not Redman.

Anonymous said...

it very well could be Parker going on the IR. If he has serious issue with turf toe, thats bad news, particularly bad at his age.

you'd think they'd go to Redman (spelled it correctly for the pedantic folks out there) rather than Vincent for short yardage needs. Plus, he looked much better in preseason than Vincent against the same competition. Granted both were running against 2nd and 3rd string D's.

Farmer Fran

adamg said...

I agree that "turf toe" is a serious injury and could land Parker on IR, but I think Tomlin and Arians would prefer to avoid that if at all possible.

As for Justin Vincent, the Steelers seem to like him. He got a lot of carries in the preseason when everyone expected those would go to Redman. It's been my observation that during preseason playing time equates pretty closely to how the coaches have players ranked.

Anonymous said...

Wow, where did all this Parker on the IR talk come from?
Turf toe is a serious injury but not a season ending one...