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Friday, October 23, 2009

Who I like

This game is setting up perfectly for the Steelers.

Antoine Winfield, Minnesota's best cornerback, is doubtful to play with a sprained foot.

Percy Harvin, Minnesota's talented rookie return man/wide receiver, is questionable with a shoulder injury.

And Adrian Peterson, the best running back on the planet, has been slowed with an ankle injury.

The big thing, however, is Winfield's injury.

The Vikings' pass defense was 24th in the league with him in the lineup. It certainly won't be any better without him.

That's not good news against this Pittsburgh passing game.

Take the Steelers, 27-21

© Troy Polamalu practiced Friday and will play, as if there was any doubt.


Patrick said...

Yeh I pretty much agree. I think this one favors the Steelers grealty, unless they blow it with turnovers or other really bad decisions.

And Percy Harvin with a bad shoulder can probbaly still be a headache, especially on returns. see Cribbs, Joshua.

I think the Steelers will pull it out 27-24, with the 24 coming on a late MN TD.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dale, as ever, for the great updates. I agree that the Steeler will win this one, unless the Vikings win it instead....

Cajunyankee said...

My main and really only concern is since we play to the level of our competition and have had trouble stopping teams in the 4th Qtr what are we gonna do vs the vikes with Farve in the 4th? Sitback in coverage? Blitz from everywhere to pressure him?


Anonymous said...

We have them right where we want them...Yikes!