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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Polamalu sits out again

Troy Polamalu sat out his second consecutive day of practice Thursday as the Steelers prepare to play the Minnesota Vikings Sunday.

But the Steelers expect Polamalu to practice Friday and be good to play against the Vikings.

The team sat him out the past two days to give his left knee, which caused him to miss four games with an MCL sprain, some extra time to rest following his comeback last week against Cleveland.

Running back Rashard Mendenhall returned to practice today after being limited Wednesday with a bruised knee.

Mendenhall said he's taking the starting job week-to-week, while Willie Parker said he's OK with Mike Tomlin's decision to continue starting Mendenhall.

"I'm not 100 percent yet," said Parker, who missed two games with a sprained toe. "Coach (Mike) Tomlin knows that."

Defensive end Travis Kirschke also returned Thursday, while linebacker Andre Frazier sat with a quad injury.


Steelers Depot said...

Dale, Andre Frazier practiced fully on Wednesday unless the Steelers failed to list him on the injury report, which is a huge no-no. Sounds like he aggravated his (thigh/quad0 on Wednesday and thus sat today. It will be interesting to see if he works fully on Friday.

Dale Lolley said...

You are correct.

Robert said...

I think Troy could have a big impact this game if he is healthy enough. Farve loves to get the ball out of his hands quickly and I could see him throwing one Troy's way. I am just not sure Troy has the acceleration to get there right now.

Anonymous said...

If Tron Troy does get one I hope he hits the deck and doesn't try to take it to the house. Save the knee save the season.
I think we will have three picks and two sacks in this game.
Farve will take too many chances down field with the pressure from the outside guys.

Anonymous said...

so glad Troy played against Cleveland, 'cause we really needed him there to shut down their massive offensive machine.

and why exactly is Parker getting every third series? Moore is a better runner, better blocker, better pass blocker, and better receiver. When Mendy needs a blow, why isn't Moore being used?

If we loose to the Vikes it will be due to execution on the player's part(fumbles and pics). And poor decisions by coaching staff.

I wouldn't count on the vikes making a lot of mistakes.

Farmer Fran.

marc said...

@farmer fran,
i would have to point out that every game lost in the nfl is due to poor execution and/or poor coaching decisions.

i do agree though, don't expect the vikings to make many mistakes. favre has done a good job of avoiding risky throws and staying with the short to intermediate passes.

actually, i think we should challenge him to throw it deep. take away the short stuff and make him try to go over the top and have clark eat their lunch all day long.

keevin said...

If Winfield doesn't play that will be huge. It will be tough to run on this D but Ben should be able to pick apart their secondary

Has anyone heard anything on Percy Harvin? He was a game-time decision against the Ravens with a bum shoulder, he played and re-injured the shoulder. I am guessing/hoping he is out. That is also huge as Harvin is a dangerous playmaker

Steelers win 24-17

Joe said...

If the Steelers pull this out w/o any injuries, they are 5-2, no worse than tied for first place with two weeks for Troy and everyone to get healthy. I don't think anyone can be too upset with the position the team would be in heading out of the bye week.

Steelers Depot said...

Harvin was limited again on Friday and listed as questionable on the injury report. If I had to bet money, I would say he plays. Also the Vikings secondary is really banged up with Winfield now doubtful and Williams, Frampton and Abdullah all ailing.

Polamalu, Mendenhall and Frazier all practiced fully on Friday with Polamalu & Mendenhall listed as probable and Frazier as questionable.

Anonymous said...


gotta disagree, example, end of last year - 2 playoff games and SB, I don't think we won any of those games due to the opponent's poor coaching decisions or player execution. We simply outplayed them. But otherwise we are on the same page, if they play like they did against Cleveland and/or second half of Detroit - turnovers or bad play calling - it could be a long day.

also agree that Favre does tend to like (and hopefully he will and we can bait him) to throw deep which would help, maybe get a few sack/forced fumbles on him. would like to see us re-retire him, he can do more best buy adds or whatever that crap is he does.

Harvin plays, but will he return kicks? has not exactly been our strong point this year.

Farmer Fran

marc said...

honestly, i don't remember our playoff games from last year well. but, we won SB because Warner thru a pass right between the numbers of harrison, a DB fell down on holmes second to last catch of the game, 2 DB's took their eyes off holmes in the back of the endzone and, if we had lost that game, you could point to #43 biting on the out pattern instead of staying over top fitzgerald like he was supposed to, a holding call in the endzone, etc.. each mistake was takin' advantage of, but could have been prevented if executed properly.