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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Parker not optimistic

Willie Parker isn't optimistic about being able to play this week against the Detroit Lions due to his turf toe injury.

Parker said this injury is worse than previous turf toes he's had but that he expects to be back soon. There's also no need to rush things with backup Rashard Mendenhall having shown he can carry the load.

But, as Parker noted, that's also a reason why he, as a competitor, wants to come back and do well.

© Safety Troy Polamalu went through practice on a limited basis Wednesday as he moves toward returning from his sprained knee.

Several teammates, however, would prefer Polamalu sit out the game in Detroit and return against Cleveland.

Their reason is that Detroit's artificial surface is less forgiving than Heinz Field's natural surface and they don't want Polamalu to aggravate his knee.

© The Sporting News has named Pittsburgh the No. 1 sports city on the continent. Congratulations Steelers fans.


Steelers Depot said...

Poor Isaac Redman and Nick Eason are going to get whiplash on the transaction report. Looks like another Saturday call up on the way for #33 unless Parker can work fully Friday. All of the Redman supporters are going to have nervous breakdowns waiting for him to clear waivers weekly to get back on the PS. No sense rushing either player back in my opinion.

Patrick said...

Here comes Pettigrew

I think Try really needs to play against the Browns, knock the rust off and be ready for Favre and friends.

If we spot MN 14 in the 4th, we lose.

Tim said...

Why play Troy against the Lions? If we can't beat Detroit without him, then we aren't going anywhere anyway. I'd say sit him against Cleveland too, but if he is feeling 100% then maybe let him get 5-10 snaps in to "knock the rust off," if that's even something he needs to do. I don't think it is, but I could be wrong.


Is there any chance that when Parker does return, he will split his carries with Mendenhall 50-50? And will Rashard be the goal line back now?

marc said...

i think mendy showed a mean streak last week for the first time. now he has to learn to bring that every week.

i think when parker comes back he will still get the majority of the carries. it seems it takes a lot for tomlin to take time away from a veteran. especially due to injury.

the steelers are smart. troy will sit this week and come back against cleveland. the browns might be bad, but they're still a divisional opponent and rival game. looking ahead to the vikings would be a mistake.

remember, "all in every week."

Anonymous said...

I love the attitude Mendenhall played with last week but one thing scares me...when he runs he swings that ball all over the place. Against San Diego it was no big deal but when you get around some of the ball hawks in Baltimore it's going to be a dangerous situation.

Viz-Burgh said...

Agree with Mendy having the ball away from his body when he does his many spin moves. That's the same thing that teams exploited in the preseason last year to cause all those fumbles. And he does run higher than you'd like. That being said, I don't think either thing is something that good coaching can't cure. Now let's just hope that the coaches actually notice it & coach it out of him before it becomes a problem.

I don't want Troy to play this weekend if he's not really ready to be full go. But if he's healthy, get him in there. That's the only factor for me - not the opponent, the surface, or anything else. If he's physically ready to play 60 minutes, let him play. If he's not, keep him out.

Anonymous said...

I will worry about Mendenhall fumbling when he actually fumbles in a regular season football game...It bugged me so much that Collinsworth kept mentioning how he runs too upright and made it seem like he has a fumbling problem when all he has done is fumble a couple balls in the preseason like 14 months ago when he was a rookie, jeez. I know I know, get to it before it becomes a problem you say...I say if it isn't broke don't fix it. Does anyone realize that Adrian Peterson led the league in lost fumbles last year, for any position? AP has a fumbling problem...

Anonymous said...

...Still the best Rb in the league though

keevin said...

"Poor Isaac Redman and Nick Eason are going to get whiplash on the transaction report. Looks like another Saturday call up on the way for #33 unless Parker can work fully Friday. All of the Redman supporters are going to have nervous breakdowns waiting for him to clear waivers weekly to get back on the PS"

Now that Mendenhall showed he can handle the load, they might not bring Redman up for this game

Ben said...

Mendenhall can carry the load, for sure, but what if he gets hurt? Do you rely on Mewelde Moore to take every snap at RB? He's a good situational player, and he's filled in admirably in the past, but what if he needs a breather - who's going to spell him? Legursky?

I think the team would like a stable of 3 guys who can tote the rock at any given time, so I think they'll resign Redman.

keevin said...

Then why did they send Redman down? did they forget Parker was hurt, no. That's why I think they won't bring him back up. They have gone into games thin at RB in the past also

They have Mendenhall, Moore and Carey Davis. Davis is more of a RB than a FB anyways

Anonymous said...

Not only should Redmond be called up, they ought to let him have the 4th quarter.

Even as a road game, this should be a blow out given how nicked up the Lions are, Our O should get a lot of work. Maybe as well as Redmond they let Dixon or Batch get some work in and rest BB who's been on the field alot and probably could use a short work week.

Farmer Fran.

Viz-Burgh said...

So because AP fumbles a lot we should think fumbling is OK as long as you get big yards? Bullpucky. That's a part of AP's game that definitely needs to improve - he knows it, his teammates know it, and the coaching staff knows it. Just look at Tiki Barber. He was an explosive back as well (although not on AP's level) but his fumbles cost the Giants on numerous occasions. Once he changed the way he carried the ball he became one of the best RBs in the league because he didn't turn the thing over.

And you can say, "If it ain't broke don't fix it", but just watch Rashard's spin move. He does it in traffic (obviously - otherwise he wouldn't need to spin) and his arm comes away from his body exposing the ball when he does it. It doesn't take a Hall of Fame coach to tell you that the ball is exposed there & much more susceptible to being knocked out. I saw a lot of very good things from Mendy the other night but that's one part of his game that needs work.

Anonymous said...

bullpucky?? you been watching MASH reruns.

They may have fixed Tiki's fumbling but they never got him to shut the hell up. The guy is as annoying as jock itch.

Farmer Fran

Dale Lolley said...

Redman will likely stay down. Carey Davis will be the third running back.

vaflyer said...


After the Steelers started the year 2-4, we went into Oakland and LOST.

I hope we have learned our lesson, because Detroit could be that same kind of game. I don't want to hear, it should be a blowout. If we take this team for granted, we may get burned....again.

Steelers Depot said...

Dale, Now with David Johnson back on the injury report after sitting Thursday, you still think Redman stays down? Seems they COULD be a body short now. God forbid we get to the 3rd back, but if DJ is inactive and Davis has to be a the RB, then Foster will have to play more TE, which I really do not think Tomlin wants to make a habit of. Just curious.

Dale Lolley said...

Yes, Redman will stay down. He's not a fullback or TE, so David Johnson has nothing to do with him.
They're playing the Lions, who are giving up more than 5 yards a pop. I might be able to play tight end Sunday and they'd be effective.

Steelers Depot said...

I realize Redman is a RB and Johnson is a FB/TE, but if DJ is down Sunday just seems they could be a body short at the FB/TE position meaning no matter what Carey would be needed more to block should injuries occur.

Likely inactives I am tea leaf reading at this point will be:

Dixon (3rd)

Wouldn't it be safer to bring back Redman and sit Lewis?

Just makes for a better body count IMHO. I guess time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I never said fumbling was OK as long as you get big yardage. I'm just saying you don't fix whats not a problem. Its like a pitching coach in baseball screwing with a pitchers mechanics too much and ruining him. Tiki Barber had to change the way he carried the ball because IT WAS PROBLEM, there is no problem yet with Mendenhall. Every running back fumbles at some point, u just dont want it to be very often.

Steelers Depot said...

Looks like DJ is a go now after working on Friday, so it is all a moot point with Redman now. No roster move needed as the body count works out fine.