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Friday, October 09, 2009

Who I like

Does this one even need any explanation?

Take the Steelers this week, 34-13, against a Detroit club that has given up 12 touchdown passes and more than 5-yards per carry.

Willie Parker and Troy Polamalu won't play, but it won't matter as the Steelers' MIA pass rush will get going.


Greg Mercer said...

how much credit do you think Ken Anderson should get for Ben's development.

Everyone always talks about Arians, but I never hear any mention of the QB coach.

Patrick said...

Pettigrew could be a pain.

I actually like Culpepper and think if he stayed in the right system for awhile, he could be a valuable #2.

I think Detroit will do more damage than 13, but not much. Especially if we decide to let our D play like they have in the past 3 4th quarters.

I still don't see the Steelers losing. The game actually isn't on in Philly, so I might miss watching my first Steelers game since.... the last time they played Detroit. Coincidently or not.

(and yes I know that was a big game, but I was still drunk from NYE the night before).

Collin Williams said...

Is Stafford playing? Oh I sure hope he is because James Harrison is likin his chops

Dale Lolley said...

Doesn't look like Stafford will play. He returned to practice today, but was limited. You don't let a rookie play on one day of limited practice.

Vaflyer said...

Although I typically agree with you Dale, I think Detroit is in a different situation. Here is a team who is not in a win now mode. The goal with Stafford is to play him so he develops... and quickly. For Pittsburgh, it wouldn't make any sense to play the rookie as we are in win mode. Detroit, a team which probably has no better chance of winning with the veteran as you do the rookie, may change how you approach this game. If he is too injured to play, fine, but if he is able to play, I think you must give him some of the snaps.

marc said...

i sure hope the guys on the steelers aren't approaching this game like it's a cake walk. remember, the lions let at halft 6 times last year on their way to losing all 16. they're capable of putting together a decent 3 quarters if we let them.

Dale Lolley said...

I think Ken Anderson, by the way, has been very good for Ben. He's walked in Ben's shoes, so Ben listens to him.

Anonymous said...

I owe Ben's development to Arians and Anderson