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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Steelers promote Redman, release Eason

The fans have gotten their wish as running back Isaac Redman has been promoted from the practice squad to the active roster for Sunday's game against San Diego.

To make room for Redman on the roster, defensive end Nick Eason was released.

the move means that Willie Parker is out for Sunday's game, which isn't a huge surprise since he didn't practice all week.

How Redman will fit into the running back rotation remains to be seen. But he will likely get a chance in short-yardage.


noel said...

I'm surprised to see Eason go. He's been a solid backup. I hope this indicates Ziggy Hood is progressing well.

Patrick said...

someone said it in the other post. theres an open spot on the PS squad now. Eason can't go there, But Sonny Harris easily could.

I know its mostly due to injury, but look at the decisions the FO has reversed since camp, in Aug:

Summers makes it, C. Davis gets cut. REVERSED

Issac Redman only makes the PS. REVERSED.

Eason is kept and Harris lost to Panthers. possibly reversed. I would expect it.

Michel Sauret said...

how often does that happen that the fans actually get what the want?

Of course, what we TRULY want is a running game and victories. Hopefully Redman provides just that.

Anonymous said...

Was never a fan of redman but I like the move. Now Harris can go back to our practice squad, and yes it means Ziggy is progressing well. Travis is still playing more than him bu progress is progress

noel said...

Well, I wanted Summers over Davis at the end of camp. Maybe they shouldn't listen to us too much. (I still don't like Carey Davis though)

rocket9 said...

Redman will probably just dress and not see the field behind Mendy,MM, and Davis. Where are you guys reading that S. Harris is coming back to be on the PS? Or is that just speculation?

Dale Lolley said...

"Summers makes it, C. Davis gets cut. REVERSED

Issac Redman only makes the PS. REVERSED.

Eason is kept and Harris lost to Panthers. possibly reversed."

That's what happens when you start 1-2.

Anonymous said...

Harris turned down the Steelers, he is staying at Carolina PS

datruth4life said...

Anonymous, the Steelers can sign R. Harris to their regular squad anytime that they want to. I expect the Steelers to do that next week.

Redman has a chance to impress because what he offers is what this team needs - a physical presence that can pick up the tough yards. And how big is the opportunity for R. Mendenahall against the Chargers?

Anonymous said...

If nothing else, Redman's being available will (or at least should) light a fire under Mendy's butt. And he may surpise and be a true north south runner.

I would hope the coaching staff is being realistic about Parker - 3.1 ypg, injuried in three seasons in a row now, turf toe which is devastating for a RB, and pushing 30? sounds like a candidate for IR.

Question. If we add Harris, doesn't he have to go on the 53 man squad? not sure about the rules but I thought if you took a PS player from another team he had to go on 53.

Farmer Fran

Patrick said...

I thought Harris was just outright cut by the Panthers - not placed on their PS.

So I think the Steelers could add sign him to the PS like any other free agent who is elgible for it. But yes if you sign another team's PS player, he has to go on to the active roster.

I could be wrong about Harris though.

Anonymous said...

thanks. Don't know what the big deal about Harris ever was. He didn't look like he had the agility or speed to be a DE in our system and we can do better at a NT prospect.

The Eason thing is a suprise, but I take as a good one. Cut a youngish D player to add another tool on the offense. Could Tomlin finally be coming around to the idea that the offense is in a serious funk???

other_patrick said...

Link in this post:

Too bad. Maybe he thinks he has a better chance in a 4-3?

Skinley said...

Do you think promoting Redman had something to do with the Browns reeling at running back?

Anonymous said...

Steelers left themselves mighty thin at DE with 35 yr old Kirshke and his bad back and Hood. There is no one after that.

Ben said...

That's true, but plenty of teams would be ecstatic if they were able to have 3 quality guys playing in front of their rookie first-rounder.

Plus they can always go sign someone if someone gets hurt.

Anonymous said...

Redman is moving up because of an injury and I like the kid but he's not going to have success unless the O-line can keep people from hitting him in the backfield. Eason is gone because the D-line is healthy and they certainly are playing well. Enough with the Sonny Harris talk. If he makes the PS and IF he makes the team he's still the 5th or 6th best defensive lineman. He's not Reggie White and I'm not quite sure why everyone thinks he's a future Rock Star. If he were, he'd be playing on what I believe is a sub par Carolina Panthers.

Anonymous said...

Did Redman get a lot of situational reps on Friday? I'd think that would be the best indicator as to the capacity he is used. I can't see them cutting Eason, dressing Redman, then not playing him.

Patrick said...

Does anybody know where to find the Inactives for tonight?

noel said...

Inactives are on the team site about an hour before game time usually. Nothing listed yet.

Zac said...

Limas Sweed
Keenan Lewis
Willie Parker
Troy Polamalu
Kraig Urbik
Tony Hills
David Johnson
(3rd QB) Dennis Dixon

Dale Lolley said...

Hoke can play defensive end as well.