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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sweed's active against Lions

Limas Sweed is active this week against the Lions after his benching last week.

Down for the Steelers are Lewis, Parker, Polamalu, Urbik, Hills, McDonald and Eason.

Culpepper will start at QB for the Lions; Jon Jansen at RT in place of Gosder Cherlius; Turk McBride at RE in place of Dewayne White; Landon Cohen at DT in place of Sammie Hill.

© The only way the Steelers lose this game is if Larry Foote gave them food poisoning. A bunch of the guys went to Foote's house last night.


adamg said...

I'm wondering if Tomlin will start giving Eason a hat on game day. It seems to me the DL rotation is not as good with Hood in there. I think Hood will be fine, but I also think he needs to get a lot stronger to play in the 3-4. I also wonder if Keenan Lewis should get a shot over Ratliff.

Mendenhall ran north and south again and with authority. I don't really know why he was ignored in the second half. I don't think Parker is getting his job back for awhile.

I agree with Edmund Nelson that even if no first down was made, running would have wound down the clock and left Detroit much less time to work with.

Dan said...

The Lions almost didn't need food poisoning to get a win.

@adamg: Not necessarily sure if its Mendenhall's running and not the o-line responsible for those runs. I guess we will see soon enough.

I was hoping to see Legursky again down on the goalline.

adamg said...

Mendenhall looks like he's pretty decisive hitting whatever holes are there. No doubt the OL has blocked well the past 2 games, but to me it also appears Mendenhall is taking full advantage of the openings. Mendenhall shows good ability to move the pile when there isn't much room to run. That was a very nice 9 yd run he had when he was able to pop through the line in the 4th qtr.
He made a great read on the TD, too, breaking it outside once he saw Henry commit inside. I like what I've seen to date.