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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Polamalu iffy

Troy Polamalu said today that the latest MRI he had on his injured knee was very positive. But the All-Pro strong safety would not commit one way or another as to whether he'll play this weekend when the Steelers host Baltimore in a must-win game.

Polamalu did say that he won't practice today. He did not, however, rule out practicing at some point this week.

Ideally, Polamalu would like to practice for an entire week before taking the field again, but as we know, the Steelers certainly face less than ideal circumstances at this point.

© Ben Roethlisberger was named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week for his 500-yard performance against Green Bay.

© Though he aggravated his hamstring injury against Green Bay and could barely walk Sunday, wide receiver Hines Ward said there's no way he's missing the game against the Ravens.


Steelers Depot said...

Cat & mouse game by Tomlin? One would think he needs at least a full practice on Friday to play.

Vaflyer said...

I cannot help but wonder if we should...assuming he is him sparingly. Use him in certain situations rather than put him through a full 60 minutes. We are going to get a BIG dose of Rice on Sunday. We might be able to bring him in on 3rd down in the nickle or something. Let them account for him on the field if nothing else. This team has had one major problem on D....getting off the field on 3rd down (I know they have others, but this one is the biggest IMO). Could he help fix that?

Dale Lolley said...

He did say that he really felt he needed a full week of practice before he thought he'd be ready. But Troy tends to overanalyze things

datruth4life said...


Can S Ryan Mundy be any worse than S Tyrone Carter at this point? This current starting secondary has to be the worst I've ever seen against the pass since I've been following NFL football.

And it's beyond embarrassment that no CB on the roster has an interception -- and we've played 14 games with a D that is no. 1 in the league against the run(in stats, not in play lately) and second in the leagues in sacks!!!! Incredible!

Shouldn't Deshea be playing in front of Gay at this point? At least Deshea will make a play on the ball every now and then.

marc said...

carter might be a nice guy and everyone might like him as a teammate, but he is also a horrible open field tackler. just flat out terrible. i cannot believe he is our next best option on the depth chart.

that supports datruth's opinion of how bad this secondary really is. but, you know what, this takes us back 2 years ago when we couldn't get pressure on the QB and our pass defense got picked apart. we might have a lot of sacks this year, but i would argue we do not get "consistent" pressure on the QB and our secondary gets picked apart. plus, i really do think teams have made some adjustments to lebeau's defense and we haven't been able to counter adjust our pass defense effectively. sometimes guys are just wide open.

Tim said...

So why hasn't Hines ripped Troy for not playing all these weeks with just a knee sprain? His absence has hurt the team far worse than Ben missing that one game.

Anonymous said...

Because Troy doesn't have a past of mentioning injuries before the game so he has an excuse afterward if he loses, or of just flat out making up injuries.

Remember the broken rib before the last Super Bowl?

Why do you think Ben was so defensive? The coach called him on it. Busted.

Steelers Depot said...

William Gay has been finally demoted to nickel-package duty at cornerback while Deshea Townsend has been elevated to first team. I have been screaming this for 5 weeks. It did not take football genius to see Gay needed to replaced. Sadly Burnett has also struggled as well. At least we know what we have in Townsend. He may give up a big play or 2 by gambling, but at least he is there to make the gamble. It's a Christmas Miracle!

Oh, and way to go Willie. Nice of you to blab it to the media and Baltimore. Helps them in game planning a tad. Keep your damn mouth shut!

Anonymous said...

To Dale Lolly and his family... Merry Christmas and wonderful Happy New Year!!