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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Polamalu not done for season

Contrary to the AP report that says Troy Polamalu may be done for the season, the strong safety will likely be back – sooner rather than later.

In fact, it's likely he will return when the Steelers play Dec. 20 against Green Bay.

Polamalu likes to play with the media, particularly large groups.

He will be examined by doctors following Thursday's game at Cleveland.

© Hines Ward did some light running Tuesday with trainers, but did not practice. He looks unlikely to play against the Browns.

© William Gay was back at practice Tuesday - funny how quickly guys heal when their jobs are on the line - but it's likely rookie Joe Burnett will start at cornerback opposite Ike Taylor against the Browns.

Keenan Lewis will also get some playing time.


Anonymous said...


Do you see Lewis as a safety in the future or do you feel he is a better fit at corner?

Collin Williams said...

PATRICK Are you kidding me!!! You must be out of you mind you idiot. Mike Tomlin doesn't need to be fired. Bruce Arians is the one who needs to be fired. He runs every first down and if it's a good one they'll keep running. For more info read my post on It's called Falling Apart.

kyle said...

I'm wondering what they'll do with keenan lewis. I read scouting reports on him when the steelers drafted him and they said how he's a pure press corner, given his size that's understandable. I don't have to tell anyone that the steelers don't really play press coverage. Maybe he has other tools or maybe they will (gasp) adjust to his skills. Or maybe I'm wondering about a kid who will get 10 snaps.

Dale Lolley said...

They see him as a corner at this point. But we'll find out more about him in the coming weeks.

CoreyGarry said...

I'm interested in seeing how lewis will do. so far we're one and one with our 3rd rounders. urbik-booo. wallace-pretty good. let's hope lewis takes the path of wallace.

Robert said...

I want Lewis to play the nickel over Deshea.

Of course, Gay should lose his spot as well.

Ike, Burnett and Lewis.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that none of these guys are the answer or they would already be playing. I'm sure they'll become solid backs, but the Steelers need top notch talent at the position. They haven't had an "A" player at cornerback since Rod Woodson. Ike is a C plus to B player but the rest have all been C players. Time for an upgrade.

Robbie said...

I'm calling my shot: the Steelers will lose to the Browns on Thursday. Polamalu will return for the final three games, all of which they will win. Final record 9-7, missing the playoffs by one game. Write it down!

keevin said...

I agree with Robert (Ike, Burnett, Lewis)

Townsend should have retired after the SB, he is a ghost out there. Gay is a horrible play

marc said...

i agree we have not had a top notch corner since woodson. and we need to upgrade the position. ike could've been the guy but he's not consistent enough and well, you need to catch the ball.

however, it is very interesting how interelated the success of the individual players can be on our defense. last year a healthy troy, a good clark, and a strong pass rush helped to protect mcfadden, gay, and townsend.

now, troy is out, clark is slumping and teams are picking gay and townsend (when he's out there) apart.

i've heard from cardinals fans earlier in the year that mcfadden was getting beat often.

i just find it very interesting.

Anonymous said...

"Contrary to the AP report that says Troy Polamalu may be done for the season, the strong safety will likely be back – sooner rather than later"

You also disputed when NFLN said he may miss a month.

And he has.

Mike said...

I don't think you can say you can't find answers on the bench.

When Ben came in for Maddox his rookie year there is no doubt the team became better.

When Mendenhall came in for Fast Willie, I think there was a pretty noticeable increase in production.

The fact is the coaches don't want to disrupt a team that is only one year removed from a SB victory. But you have to focus on how the team is playing now, which means identifying weaknesses and correcting mistakes.

Burnett and Lewis may not be the answers, but it would be inexcusable if the coaches didn't try to make improvements where they are necessary.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Mike said...

but with that said, it would be nice to draft Joe Hayden next year.

Anonymous said...

Or Joe Haden. Patrick likes him too.

Patrick said...

what an insult! wow you really got me.

seriously if you're going to be pathetic on the internet, at least be good at being pathetic?

Anonymous said...

Patrick, don't you like Joe Haden?

Anonymous said...

Mike you make a good point about Ben and Rashard coming in and making an immediate contribution but they were both first round picks. That's what I'm saying about the cornerback position.

Mike said...

Yeah, I thought about that after I wrote it...that's why I said it would be nice to get Haden.