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Friday, December 11, 2009

Post-Cleveland thoughts

Losing to Kansas City was bad. Losing to Oakland was worse. But losing to that Cleveland Browns team was definitely the lowest of the low points for the 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers.

Cleveland entered that game dead last in the NFL in offense and defense. And the Browns were missing a number of starters, including Pro Bowl nose tackle Shaun Rogers.

Not only could the Steelers not stop Cleveland's running game, they couldn't run the ball.

This was a total team effort against a team that should have been making the first selection in the NFL draft in a few months.

© I'm sure usual whipping boy Bruce Arians is taking all the blame for that loss, but Ben Roethlisberger played like a rookie.

You can argue whether it was prudent for the Steelers to go to the shotgun with empty backfields on their first three third-and-shorts, but that's pretty much what everyone does in today's NFL.

But there's no way the quarterback should be taking sacks in those situations - three times in a row. And those sacks were his fault. He's got to see that Cleveland is bringing seven pass rushers and get the ball to his hot read - especially when you only need a yard or two.

Those defensive calls for Cleveland came right out of the Philadelphia playbook from 2008. And Roethlisberger froze on them.

Not all of the eight sacks were on Roethlisberger in this game, but the majority were.

To quote the big guy, "Who's laughing now o-line?"

© I've heard from a number of players over the past few weeks that this team hasn't paid attention to the details or hasn't been on the same page.

To me, that's inexcusable. If you're a professional football player, you'd better play every game like it's the last one you'll ever see.

Not paying attention to the details is another way of saying that they took somebody lightly. That explains how the Steelers have beaten San Diego, Minnesota and Denver but lost to Kansas City, Oakland and Cleveland.

It explains it but it doesn't justify it.

Heads are going to roll after this season and a lot of that is going to depend on what happens in these last three games.

It will be interesting to see if the free agents to be mail it in the rest of the way or whether they go down fighting.

Santonio Holmes told me he got up following Mike Tomlin's post-game speech and told the team he'll be fighting the rest of the way. That's a good sign from a young player.

We'll see if anyone joins him.


kyle said...

for a kid whose effort and focus have been in question for a while I really like that from Holmes. it's a cliche but the steelers really are playing for pride now. i just checked the standings and if they lose out and everyone else wins (impossible mathematically) the steelers can do no better than the 5th pick. no Suh there, so they may as well win. i can't put any faith in this offense or even the defense at this point though.

adamg said...

Two thoughts... One, I still believe the FO rolled the dice that this group of vet players had one more championship season in them. That's why they signed Kiesel, Farrior, etc, to new deals although it's been policy not to give long contracts to guys in their early 30s. It was probably a gamble worth taking, but it obviously didn't work out they way the FO hoped.

Two, BR must be acknowledged as being a significant part of the problem. I think it's instructive to look back at how the WWE appearance was handled. BR basically told the HEAD COACH it was none of his business what he does on his off day. IMHO, it's a major issue when one player either thinks, or worse knows, he can get away with anything because of how much money he makes or how much he thinks the team can't function without him. To me, that is the definition of a selfish player. If I were Tomlin, I'd start right now getting it clear exactly who is in charge. If that means giving BR the same treatment as Mendenhall got when he didn't study the playbook, so be it.

Mike said...

I partially agree with your assessment of Ben, but teams in this league do not go to shotgun empty set on 3rd and 1. Those play calls were inexcusable.

The buddy-buddy relationship with Ben and BA has to stop because they are reinforcing each other. In my opinion, the OC and QB should have a great working relationship but the OC needs to know when to say no.

I bet Ben wanted to chuck the ball around 30-40 times a game in 2005, but Whiz had the fortitude to call a game that best fit the team. There is no doubt BA is putting a square peg in a round hole.

Against a defense playing man and blitzing, there was hardly any motion and not a single RB screen. I may not be a Pro OC but these are basic strategies against the defense the Brown's were playing.

I don't know who is to blame, but the offensive philosophy must be changed drastically if they want to compete in the future.

Dave in Cbus said...

Dale, I thought the same thing as I was at the game last night...this was the Philly game from last year. We got DOMINATED, but yet were only down one score and "IF" we put one drive together we could win. Though, it seemed hopeless, based on what we were seeing.

40 pass plays? In that weather...? Run the freakin ball.

I could care less about draft position. We need to WIN now and get some answers. Finishing strong will provide hope for next season. Losing out will begin 2010 with questions and fear.

Wow, those Browns fans in the stands are vile (not talking about cussing)...they have a serious comlex, even in victory.

Anonymous said...

You can not consistently succeed running an offense predicated on backyard football.

offenses that succeed consistently can adjust. You take what you are given. Make first downs and strike when the circumstances are in your favor.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame Arians for that mess???????????????

Henry said...


there is clearly a divide in the locker room of guys who care and are giving effort and those that aren't.

Mendy, Tone, Keisel, Wallace, and Woodley are playing their tails off.

Ike, Clark, Deshea, Farrior, Carter are not.

Interesting trend there: it's the old guys that aren't giving a crap.

Joe E. said...

Ben is regressing as a QB under Arians and Ken Anderson. Ben needs more than a
yes-man offensive coordinator. Ben needs someone to challenge him like Whisenhunt was here. Yesterday was another example of how Arians is a horrible
situational coach.

Ken Anderson needs to be held responsible for Ben holding onto the football to long.
We all know how Ken Anderson liked his high QB rating, sometimes taking sacks
instead of throwing the ball away. If the coaching staff does not change, Ben
will continue to regress into another Jake Plummer.

If a change is made I would hope the bring in someone with some experience.
Ben needs to take orders from a coordinator and not give orders. Bring in a Chan Gailey type as assistant head coach/offensive coordinator.

Don't count on Arians leaving though. The FO view of Arians was that he could be another Tom Moore. The Rooney's have talked about how they gave up to soon on Tom Moore (and Dungy). I hope this year had proved to the FO that Arians is not Tom Moore.

Dale Lolley said...

In some of the cases that were mentioned about guys not caring, I don't see that. I just see a lack of talent or an aging veteran who's slipping.
Tyrone Carter? Come on, he is what he is, a backup playing to much and getting exposed. You're talking about a guy I was cutting in training camp.
You can say a lot of things about Farrior, but not caring is not one of them. Has his play slipped? Yes. But he's in his mid-30s for cripes sakes. Ray Lewis isn't the player he was at 25 either.

Whisenhunt didn't cater to the QB in 2005 because the QB hadn't won two Super Bowls. The QB was also in his second season in the league. Now, he's one of the veteran leaders on this team.

Patrick said...

Arians and Moore shouldn't be in the same sentence, let alone paragraph. Besides Moore's abilities, he has Manning who is a once in a lifetime player.

In addition what everyone else is saying, this team is physically being thrown around. A few guys are playing hard, but a good amount seem to have lost interest. Two guys who don't seem to have any quit on defense are Keisel and Woodley.

Sad and disappointing season.

Next year we'll see a new OC, new ST coach, secondary changes, and possible MLBs being switched around. Is that going to be enough for next year? Everyone says draft and that is good and well for future years down the line, but we all know that our rookies don't contribute much in year 1. So unless we draft a complete stud who is ready to step in right away (rare), our draft isn't going to fix immediate holes. Which is why that terrible draft 2 years ago is going to come back to bite them.

Dan G. Switzer, II said...

I wasn't at the game, so I couldn't see the entire field, but on a couple of those blitzes where Ben got sacked I didn't see anyone open to throw it too. While Ben played poorly last night, it's hard to get rid of the ball when your WRs are either covered or not reading the blitz.

B D Humbert said...

Wow - I saw a very different game - guys getting at Ben untouched or barely touched and in 2 seconds or less - press coverage on the wide outs to take away the normal Steeler hot reads - Oakland did pretty much the same thing and no adjustments...

Yes a QB like Manning, Brees or Brady would see these coming and audible out - and Ben is not in that league yet - but c'mon - you have have to hold the offensive line accountable too - and Ariens is ultimately to blame - he can make different calls - he can put ben under center on third down.

And this fascination with MM is absurd - he may not fumble - but he put the offense in awful field position by mishandling kicks at least twice.

Darren said...

Dan G. - On most of those I saw people open. Usually the checkdown. Miller and Mendenhall were consistently open underneath and Ben kept holding the ball waiting for the homerun to open up. Ben was terrible. On the plays where nobody is open you run or throw the ball away you don't take a sack.

Anonymous said...

How many times did the ball bounce off Miller's hands, Darren? I counted at least two.

Anonymous said...

If Ben's not adapt at picking up blitzes then it falls on the OC to not put him those positions - ie. five wide empty sets.

It was just another poorly called game. I thought the called half of the season was the 1st half against the Ravens. He kept the Ravens off-balance all game.

Mike said...

I can only hope this season will show the coaches what happens when you let the inmates run the asylum...

Vaflyer said...

You know what I love Ben, I really do, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have his flaws as a QB. Look back at BA while he was the OC in Cleveland...guess what, they had an inconsistent offense as well. The guy when he is on, is as good as anyone in the business, but when he is off, he is the worst OC in the league. He is so stubborn that his way will eventually work, that he won't try anything else....hence why we had 3rd and 1 and an empty backfield. I can just hear him "It will work this time".

I appreciate the fact that we finally have a QB which can win us games with his arms.

I think the most important word of that whole sentence is CAN. Ben CAN win us games, but I want him to do that when he NEEDS to, not every week. Play good smart balanced football, then when you need him to win it, you do that, you give him a bunch of throws because the D is off or the Special team unit gives up a return or misses a FG, but NOT EVERY GAME!!

We better use these next 3 games to figure out what these rookies have in the. I want to see Lewis, and Burnett, and Urbik, and Foster, and Hood, and Harris, and Johnson....I want to know when this season ends what we can expect from these guys.

One last thing and I will get off my soap box. The BA/BR relationship may not be healthy. I think you can find many times in sports when a coaching relationship is self-destructive, IMO this is one of those times.

Not Patrick said...

I've made this point before, but I will make it again. The Steelers have been productive on offense in spite of Bruce Arians, not because of him. The offense looks great when Ben is playing playground ball. Also, the offense looks best in the no-huddle when Ben can keep the pressure on the defense. BA usually finds a way to screw it up when he working the play call sheet. I'm all for patience, but BA is not getting it done. There's nothing wrong with his play design, but the game planning and in-game play calling stinks.

Ben is an awesome quarterback. He's arrogant too (among other things, listen to his talk earlier in the season about how great the offense runs when he's running the no huddle.) But his talent at QB, and the talent at WR in Ward, Holmes, and now Wallace, with a little Miller at TE mixed in, are what make the offense go. (By the way, Dale, Ben helped to win one Super Bowl. The team won the earlier one in spite of his crappy play.)

With yet another ridiculous return last night, I don't have a solution for the coverage on special teams other than to blow it up and start over next season. Remember when they spent all the time on before the last season? It seemed to pay off.

The team's other needs are upgraded O-line personnel with a blocking scheme compatible with Ben's style of play and some upgrades in the secondary. Polamalu's return is an upgrade by itself, but more is needed. Will be glad to have Aaron Smith back, too, the forgotten man in all the reporting about what's wrong with the Steelers defense.

Anyway, suggestion on who to root for the rest of the season? I'm thinking of going NFC, possibly the Cardinals.

Jeff Agresta said...

Its hard to imagine the steelers losing to 3 crappy teams in a row. It looked like the Browns played with a lot more emotion than the Steelers. Maybe Tomlin is losing his players, and can't get them motivated any more.GO BROWNS! HTTP://MINDYOUROWNSPORTS.BLOGSPOT.COM/

Anonymous said...

Besides the mental errors and lack of effort, this team was not playing for their playoff life.

Where are trick plays? Wildcat? Fake punt?

What is there to lose??? You can't count on the D anymore so take some shots. I don't think I have seen a trick play ALL season.

BoJangles said...

I believe we mailed it in after Baltimore. We fought so hard in that game but just couldn't win. To me, it was the same story down the stretch. Defense plays good enough to win early, but the offense never brings it or brings it late. The defense collapses late and we lose by 3-7. Dale, thanks for all your work and reporting this has been much appreciated. We can still play spoiler, but hopefully this team comes back motivated from what has transpired in a season full of what could have been. Damn Madden.

Anonymous said...

Yeah lets run the ball more. Because running on 4 of our first 6 plays worked so well. Run run pass on three of their first four drives worked also.

If Ben played like a rookie what about the OL? The 4 drops he had by his WR/Heath?

Ben couldn't get the ball to his hot read, the played up and he had no time. Watch the first sack, Mendenhall tried to get outside and he was hit and bottled up. What should Ben have done? Just heave it? Then people bitch he got picked.

People weren't open. NFL Network showed the Browns secondary, we were bottled up all night.

Robbie said...

The only player, to my naked eye, that truly seems to be mailing it in is Ike. What's up with him? Does he have a secret injury we don't know about?

Jim said...

Dale, looking back on it now, how would you rate some of the veteran signings last year? Who do you think gets signed next year, in light of recent play?

I'd say Kiesel, Kemoeatu, & Fox look like great decisions (and, to a lesser extent, Starks--that was more of a need-to signing). Hartwig looks like a bad decision. He hasn't looked very good at all to me. I'd rather give a young guy a shot. Essex has been okay--an upgrade and he wasn't very much money. Can't see us signing Parker, Clark, or Reed after the seasons they had (so that makes not signing them good decisions). Santonio & Woodely will definitely need to be given new contracts (both going into last year). The big questions in my view are Hampton & Colon, with the collective bargaining having a big impact on Colon, since he'd be a RFA without a new one.

marc said...

all night the defense was tight man with 2 over the top. where were the crossing routes or the RB screens? tomlin spoke of making adjustments. well, tell me what adjustments our offense made. none. there's 2 people to blame for that.

ben played like crap. i don't care if receivers aren't open. throw the ball away!! he doesn't know how or refuses to do it. he won't be an elite QB until he learns how to manage a game.

a friend of mine (who is a browns fan) told me before the game the steelers have a paper offense - it looks good on paper but doesn't win you games. boy, did he nail that on the head.

player execution has been poor. it appears intensity is lacking from some players. injuries only make it worse. but our biggest problem is our offensive philosophy. it sucks. it misuses our players and it's difficult to execute in cold weather games - guess what - we're a cold weather team! and i'm sure camp cupcake has contributed to some of the lack of intensity as well.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of fingers to point and a lot of directions to point them in. I think the Superbowl hangover doesn't show itself until late into the season, particularly when you have a lot of veteran players. Last season ended in February and the off season workouts started right after that. Before you know it, you're back in the saddle again. it looks to me like our team is a step slow and a they wear out in the 4th quarter. I think first its the physical aspect and then you get the mental breakdown. Throw in a lawsuit for an alleged rape and you have an unfocused team.

I'm just looking forward to next years draft. We should be getting a good pick! what can I say, I'm an optomist.

Anonymous said...

"Roethlisberger looked as if he were ready to cry while speaking - if you want to call one and two-word answers speaking - to the media following the game.

He should cry because this pass-happy offense that he has lobbied for hasn't worked out at all"

Oh really? What was the rushing game ranked last season Dale?

You're a punk. Real bad taking chepshots at Ben from behind your keyboard.

And the first four sacks weren't on Ben either. You need to re-watch games before you comment.

Ben said...

Dale, it may be true that most of the NFL goes 5 wide on 3rd and short, but if Ben consistently takes sacks in that situation, wouldn't a good coordinator call something else? Just because it works for everyone else doesn't mean it will work for the Steelers -- at least not consistently. Instead of adjusting -- and realizing what was a weakness last night -- Arians repeatedly tried to mash a square peg into a round hole, and I think that's what everyone's biggest complaint about him.

Aside from that, the Steelers have an excellent young running back in Mendenhall. I'm confident that he could have converted on at least 2 out of 3 of the 3rd and shorts Ben was sacked on.

It's not that Arians calls terrible plays, it's just that he's so damn stubborn. He's unable or unwilling to adjust when his plays aren't working. I realize he wants a pass-heavy offense, and it's true that, that is the direction in which the NFL is heading, but he has weapons in the running game who should be utilized.

emac2 said...

I don't think there is any way the coaching can avoid the blame for this season. Both the losses to bad teams and the nummber of 3 point losses point to that.

I think the defensive issues are related to Troy and maybe even moreso to the loss of Smith.

The bottom line is the offense has been consistantly bad or average all year and shown a complete inability to figure out and implement the needed changes.

At best BA isn't bringing anything else to the table. I agree with the group that thinks the problem may be that Ben is the master of that relationship and needs a new boss.

I think it is really important that we recognize that we are a few points a game from being a top seed and thus don't want wholesale changes. There is no way you get rid of Ben and I'm not prepared to write off Tomlin but BA has been here for a long time and, quite frankly, I blamed Cohwer for a lot of the stupid play calling that I am still seeing today.

I think we have to replace BA with someone Ben is going to respect and follow. I think this person also has to be an A+ who is given some real power.

I disagree that we have to go back to a run first attitude. Ideally we go with someone who takes what the other team offers instead of insisting on any spicific plan of attack. It's OK to be smarter instead of simply risking injury more then the other team.

Anonymous said...

So now, all we have left to play for is to get in good position for next years draft.

Coaches: New offensive coordinator, and special teamers. Lets face it, BA showed he cant win without a shut down D.

The draft:
Offense: I think QBs are good. If anything draft another QB so they would start freakin using Dixon in the wildcat, get this guy on the field more, he can RUN and PASS, no brainer there!!

Willie is gone after this year, and Rashard can handle the load. Need to draft a good blocking back for long 3rd downs.

Always draft OL. Tight ends are good.

Sweed should be gone, so a tall WR may be in order, work in progress type to compliment Santonio, Wallace, and an aging Ward.

Defense: Well, Aaron Smith is huge for this team, so another DL in the draft as always.

The LBs are great, so continue that tradition with another great on within a year or two.

DBs are a must. #1 priority here. Having Troy out, we are playing with backups back there. Gay is a backup, Ike needs help, and Clark is very good for support when Troy is in. This is a must for the draft.

Special teams: Punter good, Reed may be gone after his drunken crap, so draft a good FG kicker, and Logan is OK, nothing like what he did in pre-season though, so draft another speed guy, or trade for Cribbs already!!! lol

Just my two cents worth, as this season is toast....

Dan said...

My vote for the most overrated Steeler goes to Heath Miller. He is a poor blocker, he's slow and gets no separation from defenders, and he's been dropping passes left and right of late. I was opposed to his large contract when he re-signed earlier this year, and I think the contract looks even worse now.

Zac said...

The Steelers have corners that will develop if we have faith in our scouts who worked on that in the last draft. I only want the Steelers to trade up and get Eric Berry. They will be able to grab NT in the second round.

Anonymous said...


I admit Heath Miller hasn't played well over the last couple of weeks, but I think his overall body of work has been outstanding. If there's anyone that has passed their prime and it overpaid, it's James Farrior. I love the guy's' heart and his leadership but he's making more money that he's worth. Keyaron Fox is working his way into the lineup and Farrior is slowly moving out. I know his stats indicate a player who is still high in the statistics, but I've watched the film and I think it's more the scheme and veteran savvy. He's not shedding blocks and outphysicalling oppenents anymore.

Just my opinion.

Pistol said...


Do you think we will finally see more out of Burnett and Lewis given the situation?

In your opinion do you think Sweed will ever amount to anything more than just a guy?

Anonymous said...

I think Miller is hurt. Watch that YAC yard catch he had against the Chiefs.

Then watch him run against the Raiders and the Browns.

And here is when I think it happened.

Dixon had a waggle, and Miller was blocking, when he went to release, the Ravens player grabbed him, he lost his balance, and appeared to have twisted an ankle or a knee and hasn't looked well since.

Dale Lolley said...

I'm a punk, huh? I see Roethlisberger all the time.
It seems to me that you're the one taking shots from behind a keyboard Anonymous.

Believe it or not, the QB has the ability to check out of plays if he sees a blitz coming.
It's called an audible.

Wedgebuster said...

thanks for the updates dale. some of us appreciate what you put out here.

Vaflyer said...


What is your reaction to the ESPN article saying there will be coaching staff changes? The Special Teams coach just makes sense, but do you have an inclination that it could be more than that?

Anonymous said...

It takes losing more than winning for Ben and his co-conspirator to be reigned in . . . . we are now suffering the losing part which will lead to change. It will be very telling as to how Tomlin implements this offensive change. Will Ben get his feathers ruffled? Will Tomlin get an OC who will install a whole new offensive philosophy? Will someone one on the coaching staff stand up and say there is no way Ben should be calling any plays? Will someone demand the execution of a hot route or a check down?

Robert said...

The showdown between Tomlin and Ben over the offense will be interesting.
If Tomlin refuses to fire Arians then Ben has totally whipped Tomlin. If Tomlin hires a new OC who brings us a more balanced offense then Tomlin has shown he is in charge of the team, not Ben.

Tomlin has to choose between potentially alienating Ben and being a good coach. I hope me makes the right call.

Anonymous said...

All this talk about who is sticking with it and who isn't is totally pathetic. And for Tomlin to also encourage shows he is not a leadership material.

This team has been balkanized into so many different groups its disgusting. It is complete chaos now so for now on, until he proves otherwise, Tomlin is "Coach Chaos"

Farmer Fran

Anonymous said...

Farmer Fran, you're quite possibly the dumbest Steeler fan I have ever read comments from. So, from your infinite wisdom, we should fire a superbowl winning coach for allowing 'chaos'? And balkanized??? Please, tell me the small, hostile groups that this team has divided into. Use your insight and wisdom; share with us all the discernment that you have gained from sitting on your ass on your couch and watching this team on the TV three hours a week.

steelerark said...

I like the guys who get on here and crack on Dale, the one who's taking the time to write this blog. Why come here if you think he's a hack or a punk?
Oh that's right. You come here because, if you showed your true douchebag self in the real world, you'd get your ass kicked. So you come here, where no one can do anything about the fact that you're a moron with no class.

Patrick said...

I'm curious some of the suggestions for an OC or for FAs that will be available in the offseason.

I'm ok with a new OC but if it means a complete overhaul, then it might be mixing it up too much. By that I mean in the extreme example, bringing a West Coast minded OC (that wouldn't happen, I know). I don't think Charlie Weiss will be coming here. I just don't see Tomlin enjoying that idea too much.

In terms of FA's, I have no idea who might be available. Of course the CBA complicates that, but assuming they reach a CBA, does anybody have a list? And of course, players can be franchised etc, so its all way too preliminary.

One guy that comes to mind is Lito Shepphard. I think PFT reported he never got a new deal after being traded to the Jets and will be a FA. If so, he seems like the mid tier kind of signing the Steelers would do. We al know they aren't going after the high priced/upper tier guys.

Patrick said...

I think we should move Bruce Arians to head coach. Then sign Charlie Weiss for the offencive coordenator and then sign Romeo Crennel to replace Lebow for Defensive coach

If we can do this and also sign that long legged kicker, I think we will be good again

- Patrick

Patrick said...

yeh funny - exactly what I would say. Get a life dude

Thomas said...

these wanna be patrick people need to get a life. I'm glad mommy lets you play on a computer but grow up or just leave! No one wants to read your complete BS you post all the time!

Patrick I agree with you that the Steelers won't go after Weis (or at least I really hope not). I would like to see the Steelers get back to the run based offense and quit throwing the ball so much. Sheppard would be a nice pickup.

Anonymous said...

Someone will overpay for Sheppard. I think the Steelers stick mainly with the guys they have now at corner unless they don't like Lewis or Burnett. The only guy that will be gone is Townsend (thanks for a great Steeler career!!).

Clark might take less $ and stay now that we know Polamalu makes the entire secondary better. Carter is gone.

We really need D linemen. The first pick has to be Hampton's replacement. They might keep him one more year but I am not holding my breath. I would not be against another D-lineman in the second round.

Other needs- MLB, OL (of course),Safety, and offensive playmakers (A guy like Spiller would be great but we have other needs).

I have a bad feeling that the next couple of years are going to be stinkers.

chas steel

Patrick said...

I spell about as well as the Steelers hold a 4th quarter lead (zing).

I think replacing Hampton is going to be harder than they expect. He said he doesn't expect to be franchised. But I can't imagine going into next season with Hoke and a rookie NT on the depth chart.

If they don't lock up Hampton or bring in a FA, I would say that HAS to be their 1st pick in the draft. And forcing your hand on picking a position is just not a good draft strategy.

Dale Lolley said...

I layed out a lot of what you guys are talking about in my story in Monday's O-R.

I don't see a lot of different factions on this team as some of you do. I still see a close group. I just see one that got old at certain positions - d-line, Farrior and Townsend. They thought they could get one more season out the group. It didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

Townsend's the best corner they have. How is getting old hurting the awful secondary?
It's the secondary that's hurting them.

Dale Lolley said...

Townsend's the best corner they have? Really?
I like Deshea. He's always been cooperative with me, but his best days are way, way behind him. The only reason they kept Keiwan Ratliff coming out of camp was because they didn't feel Townsend could hold up through a whole season.
Ike Taylor's had a couple of bad games but he's still their best corner by far.

Anonymous said...

So, now if the Steelers win their last 3 remaining games, and almost squeak into the playoffs, will alot of you feel Tomlin should stay?

I for one thinks he should stay regardless, and I know the Rooneys feel the same from their track record with coaches. I do believe its time for some coaching changes though.... and a few player changes are drastically needed.

I do agree with Dale that BR needs to learn to not take sacks... a few in the cleveland game were obvious a sack was coming, dont know what BR was thinking?!?!?

Anonymous said...

The Steelers don't have a cornerback. At least not an NFL-quality one.