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Friday, December 04, 2009

Who I like

If the Steelers are to start a run into the playoffs, it starts this week at home against Oakland.

Bruce Gradkowski will get the start at quarterback for the Raiders, which should tell you a little about how badly JaMarcus Russell played this season.

Last we saw of Gradkowski in Pittsburgh, he was having arguably the worst quarterbacking performance I've seen in 17 seasons of covering the Steelers - and I saw every one of Kordell Stewart's starts.

Starting for Cleveland in the regular season finale last year, Gradkowski was 5 for 16 for 18 yards and two interceptions in a 31-0 loss.

Gradkowski has been a little better in Oakland this season, but he's still completing just 52.5 percent of his passes.

Even though I think the Steelers will limit Ben Roethlisberger's passing a little bit to keep him from taking any big hits, Pittsburgh's offense should be able to do more than enough to cover the 13 1/2-point spread.

Take the Steelers, 27-6


SKIN LEE said...

I like your prediction. Go Steelers!

steelerark said...

God, can I ever forget the horror that was the Oakland game of '06? Shudder.

Patrick said...

Didn't Ben play the week after a concussion in that game? At least this time hes had a week off.

That game though, was a disaster. One of the worst Steelers games I've ever watched. The KC game is up there too.

I'll take the Steelers 27-13.

It would be nice if its an early blowout (I'm thinking along the lines of 28-0 at the half) and see Dixon play more than the usual 2nd string QB garbage time.

Patrick said...

^^^^ this fake Patrick is an idiot

blah blah blah

steelguy said...

I was pretty happy with the steelers the last time Ben returned two weeks from a concussion.

Collin Williams said...

Hey everybody I need your vote.

Should OC Bruce Arians be Fired?

I say yes

Robbie said...

They *should* blow them out, but without Polamalu the Steelers are capable of losing to anyone. I wouldn't be surprised if the Raiders lucked into a couple of big passing plays thanks to our joke of a secondary. They know there's no danger of it getting picked off, so might as well chuck it deep and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

The Raiduhs are weak on offense but they do have some talent on defense. I don't think they have a chance of beating the Stillers but they might cover the spread.

Al Davis said...

The greatness of the Raidahs is the vehtical game.

Anonymous said...

All it takes is1 kickoff return for a TD, 1 pick six, and a couple of big plays and the Steelers are toast.

not a patrick said...

Someone show the 1st half tape of pitt-cinci to BA to show him how to run the darn ball.

Anonymous said...

Good news-sort of:

The kickoff return for TD of the week at Heinz Field has already occurred.

Patrick said...

I didn't watch the Pitt game much or at least didn't notice the field at the end of it.

I noticed the snow though, any chance of the field being a problem tomorrow Dale?

Dale Lolley said...

Sure it could be a problem. They'll work on it tonight to dry it out and the snow isn't supposed to last into tomorrow, but any time you have water on a grass field, there's going to be some slippage.
The Raiders are 17th in the NFL against the pass and last against the run. Don't know where all that defensive talent is.

Patrick said...

bad weather might lead to more of a commitment to the ground game. Especially with those stats you just said. See how much of a "mudder" Mendenhall is.

I was more asking if there was any chance of the field being a disaster again. I live in Philly and the weather here is awful right now. I couldn't imagine back to back games on a field with how the rain/snow is here.

Dale Lolley said...

It hasn't really done anything here all afternoon. They'll have the field covered and the warmers on anyway.

Anonymous said...

Now that Charlie Weiss is no longer with Notre Dame maybe we can convince him to come here. We could use a real OC.

Anonymous said...

quit rippin kordell...damn comparing him to Gradkowski...thats pathetic on your part.

Steelers Depot said...

Steelers Inactives
S Troy Polamalu
DE Ra'Shon Harris
G Kraig Urbik
CB Keenan Lewis
QB Charlie Batch
DE Travis Kirschke
T Tony Hills
QB Tyler Palko (3rd)

Raiders Inactives
QB Charlie Frye (3rd)
WR Darrius Heyward-Bey
LB David Nixon
T Eric Pears
T Khalif Barnes
WR Javon Walker
WR Nick Miller
DE Greg Ellis