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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Steelers-Raiders inactives

Batch, Keenan Lewis, Polamalu, Urbik, Hills, Harris and Kirschke are down for the Steelers.

Heyward-Bey and Greg Ellis are down for Oakland.

Eason starts at DE for Kirschke, Carter for Polamalu.

Matt Shaughnessy starts at DE for Ellis for Oakland. Louis Murphy at WR for Heyward-Bey.

The weather here is great. The field looks good.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely pathetic performance thus far. Arians is a complete moron

Anonymous said...

Willie Gay might be the worst player in the NFL

Anonymous said...

What a piece of shit tomlin is. Wow. Such a bad coach. Bring back Wiz pls. Our Defense blows ass

Anonymous said...

Season over. Who should we draft?

Position needs:

- Safety
- Cornerback
- Athletic interior O-Line
- Defensive line (NT)

Anonymous said...

what a lack of motivation........ so much for unleashing anything...

Anonymous said...

Any chance of bringing Cowher back?

I miss the smashmouth mentality.

Robbie said...

Tomlin obviously didn't watch yesterday's Pitt game.

Anonymous said...

No doubt a disappointing, and most likely season-ending, loss, but I think honestly that this group was kept together in the off-season to try one more shot at a title. I think everyone knew the team was going to have to be rebuilt in the next couple of years regardless of this season's results. There's no denying the Steelers are getting long in the tooth on defense and injuries are starting to take their toll on it, too.

I think now Tomlin will have the chance to makeover the team to his liking. I don't think he'll feel obligated to keep some of the coaches he either inherited or hired during his first year after most of the quality coaches had already signed on with other teams.

I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of current vets aren't on next year's roster.

DaveW.inLasVegas said...

Playoffs! Playoffs!Your'e talking about playoffs! I hope we can just win a game!Unleashed Hell....yea right Tomlin is just a blowhole and so is the Steeler secondary...what a sad sad performance aginst a lower echelon teams. Justs makes me sick to watch I feel bad for the fans who pay good money to watch these guy's

Dave in Cbus said...

So, as I watched the game I was not very happy with the Ward TD and the play calling. I actually said before the play, with the way the D is playing we should run the ball, milk the clock and get the TD with no time left. Worst case scenario we settle for a FG as time expires and go to OT. Against the leagues worst run D, no less...I think it would have worked.

It makes perfect sense, to me that our offense, in that situation, is our best D, regardless of how great or how poor the D is playing.

Why then, if I, a mere fan who only watches football and who has never played a down of organized football in my life can see this, why can't our coaches.

I've been hesitant all year to be critical of play calling and giving Arians the hook (even though I don't like him) because I think consistency in coaching is a high value for the success of a QB and a team. Too many teams are way too quick to think a new coach is the magic formula for success. But, when the coaching constant is poor. And the gameplan against a poor football team like the Raiders doesn't include gashing, repeatedly, their weakness in stopping the run, I have serious issues.

Come on guys!

And, the season is not over. DO NOT give up. Until mathmatically eliminated the season is not over. The leadership on this team knows what it takes and can (with help) make the playoffs and do the seemingly impossible. I refuse to give up. I hope you'll all join me.

Anonymous said...

Raider Nation loves playing at ketchup field....or is it catsup. Thanks squealers!!!!