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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Interesting stuff

Ray Lewis just had his conference call with the Pittsburgh media and had some interesting things to say.

Lewis said he and Ben Roethlisberger were exchanging texts last night and Roethlisberger was lamenting the fact he won't be playing against Baltimore this weekend.

Lewis said he exchanges texts with a number of the Steelers regularly.

It's a far cry different from the days when he and Joey Porter went back and forth with a war of words.


Anonymous said...

Best thing is- They may be pals off the field, but on the field that fazes none one them. They give it their all until the other is knocked out

If im not mistaken ben and ed reed are also pretty good friends. I bet reed is lamenting not being able to play this game

Anonymous said...

Ray Lewis is a piece of trash

Anonymous said...

Is that a violation of Ben's probation about not being able to discuss football with other NFL players, or does that limitation extend only to members of the Steelers?

Dale Lolley said...

I respect the heck out of Ray Lewis as a football player. I don't like the pregame theatrics, but it works in Baltimore.
I don't know him as a person. But, everybody I've talked to about him speaks highly of him.

I also won't pretend to know what went on with the whole murder situation. But, he plead guilty to obstruction of justice, not murder.

Ben is permitted to text and talk to other players around the league, just not the Steelers - which is a silly rule.
In fact, Hines Ward admitted on the radio Tuesday night that he has exchanged texts with Roethlisberger.
Maybe texts are OK since it's not like you can give away the game plan in a text.

Also, it's pretty difficult for the league to tell its players what they can and can't do in their off-time in terms of who they speak to.

Roger said...

Dale - what was Ben and Hines texting about?

Anonymous said...

"Also, it's pretty difficult for the league to tell its players what they can and can't do in their off-time in terms of who they speak to."

tell that to dictator goodell

Anonymous said...

"Dale - what was Ben and Hines texting about?"

Oh man. You see? Roger Goodell is even in this blog. lol

adamg said...

Steeler teammates can talk to BR, just not about football.

Anonymous said...

Ray-Ray might just be trying to tear apart the Steelers from within. He wants the Steelers to not trust each other because they won't know who among them has been texting with the enemy.

You know James Harrison sure as hell hasn't been texting with Ray Lewis.

poker affiliate said...

Ray is capable of being friends off the field and then knocking the guy out on Sundays.

Josh said...

One thing about Ray Lewis that always clouds my take on him is how he covered SBXL and kept praising Cowher and the Rooneys as a player-reporter. I don't like how he's overhyped but I also believe that he has a ton of respect for the game, other players, etc.