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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Roethlisberger will start tonight

Just got confirmation that Ben Roethlisberger will start tonight's preseason finale against the Carolina Panthers.

© Bad news for Byron Leftwich. His left knee was hit while he was throwing by teammate Jonathan Scott and it appears he may have torn something.

He was taken to the hospital for an MRI, but the Steelers don't think it looks good.

Dennis Dixon may win the QB battle by default.

The injury could also open up a roster spot for Charlie Batch.


Anonymous said...

dale, if byron's is really hurt, hope he's okay, do you think there's any chance Batch starts?

I prefer dixon, but do you think they may go with the old guy?

Jim said...

i think this is great news for the steelers. lets them go with the guy who can make plays without having to 'choose' him over the safe option. dixon gives them the best chance to win atleast 2 games out of the 4.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Dixon is his decision making. That INT he threw in the end zone against Denver is my biggest fear going with him. Also, get used to a lot under thrown passes to Wallace.

Mizou said...

Preliminary word seems to be Lefty tore his MCL, out for season.

I was pulling for Batch to start, but now, this is a scary situation. With how injury prone Batch is, we have only Dixon behind him if/when that injury happens. At least with Batch/Lefty/Dixon, we had another proven vet behind him.

William said...

IMHO, I think the fact that Batch played the rest of the game showed that they wanted to prevent any injury to Dixon.

The commentators seemed to think that he was put it to get him some work, but having him basically do nothing but hand off did not make it look like the Steelers were intent on trying to get him some work or reps.

adamg said...

Pulling Dixon right away tends to make me think he's the next qb in line. Batch just handed off to keep him safe for the rest of the game.

I know injuries can happen any time, but you just have to wonder about Tomlin allowing BR to play so much and risking Leftwich behind the 2nd OL.