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Friday, September 24, 2010

Who I like - Tampa Bay edition

Two defenses that have given up a combined 41 points in their first two games will meet Sunday in Tampa.

But one is for real and the other is a product of having played the Browns and Panthers.

The Steelers are 4 1/2-point favorites over the Bucs Sunday and that seems like a layup, particularly with Charlie Batch at quarterback.

What's that? You think I can't be talking about the same Charlie Batch who threw for 25 yards in two and a half quarters last week.

Batch's numbers would have been much better had his teammates helped him out a bit. He threw some nice passes, moved in the pocket well and got the ball to the correct receiver.

The touchdowns will still be tough to come by. But with the way the Steelers defense is playing, it doesn't matter.

Take the Steelers to win, 20-6.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the party Dale, glad to have you aboard :-)

Anonymous said...


How does the (#1 QB) look when throwing to the receivers? Has he developed a report or rely on one over the other in particular? Is Ward going to be the default receiver due to his reliability and the QBs comfort, or has Wallace evolved into a quality option for whichever QB is playing, and will the steelers bother throwing it at all?

Scott said...

Ughhhh...we all liked it so much better when you picked against em. C'mon you were on a roll. ;)

Dale Lolley said...

Hey, I said this team was going to go 10-6, so it's not like I was one of the people saying they were bad - and there were more than one of those.

As for Batch and the receivers, he's been around forever. That won't be a problem.
They will throw it more often than they did last week,

Anonymous said...

No, I agree, you said this defense was going to be really good this year, so I think we should shut Tampa Bay's O down. Come on Charlie Batch, need to just hold serve till Big Ben gets back, which I think he will!!

Patrick said...

I think this game is going to have more offensive action than anticipated. Freeman is playing decent, but he has a strong arm and can get the ball in there.

I thnk Tampa actually gets a TD and a few field goals. I also think the Steelers will have some showing offensively.

23-13 Steelers

Anonymous said...

"I think this game is going to have more offensive action than anticipated."

well it has to happen at some point right? lol

Anonymous said...

I think this is the game where "redzone" breaks a long one.

Mrs. Isaac Redman

Darren said...

Having Starks back will help a lot. Batch can move the team and I think they get a couple of TD's. 20 pts seems about right. That should be more than enough against a young QB that will be forced to contend with Lebeau's Legion. (We know there will be no running game for Tampa)

rvaccare said...

Please revise your prediction to a Steelers loss Dale... we can't have this burden hanging over the Steelers in Tampa. Hahaha!

Steve-O said...

Are Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown both on the Steelers active roster this week?

Anonymous said...

I think Batch should have started from the first game. He knows the offense inside out, moves very well in the pocket, has good field vision, and can still put smoke on the ball.