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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ward, Kemoeatu fined $5,000 each

Chris Kemoeatu was fined $5,000 for their part in what was one of the best football fights I've seen in 18 years of covering the league.

That said, I don't believe Ward deserved a fine.

Let's go back to the play in question against the Tennessee Titans.

On the Steelers' first offensive play from scrimmage, Dennis Dixon threw a pass that was deflected, hit the ground and bounced into the hands of a Tennessee defender.

The play could have been ruled a lateral and Hines Ward immediately grabbed the Tennessee player - defensive tackle Tony Brown - and tried to wrestle him to the ground. Moments later, the entire Tennessee defense ploughed into the play.

Kemoeatu came running and ploughed into the pile as well. Brown and Kemoeatu both drew fines for the play.

Ward was also fined for excessive face masking, whatever that may be. Ward was not penalized for grabbing anyone's facemask in the game.

Those two penalties come on top of the $5,000 James Harrison was fined for spiking Titans' QB Vince Young in the third quarter.


Vaflyer said...

Can you tell us where we would find a list of players NFL wide that got fined this week?

Anonymous said...

Money well spent.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone besides Brown from the Titans get fined?

William said...

Yes, Cortland Finnegan was also fined $5,000.

Anonymous said...

"Money well spent."


Anonymous said...

more Goodell BS. that guy is an idiot.

no way Ward deserved a fine on that

PSUnGA said...

Long as the Defense is still kicking ass i am sure they wont mind a 5,000 fine. Seems the Steelers get so many BS fines, especially on Ward

marc said...

actually, these petty little fines are ridiculous. the nfl has gotten out of control with trying to police the players. each week someone should report every fine and its dollar value so fans can see how bad it's gotten.

Anonymous said...

Were there a lot of fines overall in week 2? Someone pointed out (it may have been Dale here on this blog) that the refs tend to be more strict in week 2, as a way to show their authority. Perhaps this is the league doing that with fines?

Patrick said...

PFT essentailly does such a thing marc, they just report them individually rather than collectively.

The fines may be a little out of hand, but I'm hard pressed to get upset about these guys losing $5,000 if the money goes towards a good cause. They can also appeal it.

marc said...

first of all, it's a power grab by the NFL to show control over the players. name another sport that reviews every single play and then hands out fines. it's like whispering in someone's ear, "i'm watching you."

second, do the players get to determine the charity their fine goes to? i really don't know. if not, how does the nfl determine where the money goes. that ends up being a lot of money every year.

third, appeal it to who? the people that gave you the fine in the first place. total joke.

fourth, imagine MLB with the same policy, reviewing every pitch and coming back to a player saying, "hey, i know the ump didn't think so, but we think you came in a little hard at second base, so pony up $10,000."

i'm not a big union type guy. i believe owners make the rules and employees follow them (within reason obviously), but i also think the NFL is pushing the limits.

adamg said...

Not 100% sure, but I think the fines and salary lost during suspensions goes to support benefits for the older former players.

Patrick said...

I can't really disagree with anything you said, but we're still talking about $5,000 out of at the minimum, $300,000. And the players mentioned here are all multi millions. Its is a drop in the bucket for most players.

And if the players don't like it, the union should be yapping about it. But their union seems to be run by a guy who doesn't have a clue right now and is almost looking forward to a lockout.