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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tomlin denies report

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin refuted the report that offensive tackle Max Starks would be out four weeks with a high ankle sprain, saying that Starks' injury was to his lower ankle and that he could return to practice late in the week.

Tomlin also said that it's possible nose tackle Casey Hampton could practice later in the week despite suffering a hamstring injury against the Falcons.

I don't expect either player to suit up this week, but we'll see what happens.

In other news, Tomlin said quarterback Byron Leftwich may also be ready for a full return to practice later in the week. At this point, however, the team appears set to roll with Dennis Dixon at QB at Tennessee.


Anonymous said...

hopefully Leftwich starts in week 3, Dixon sucks

marc said...

sanchez made dixon look like an all-pro.

this is good news. the tampa bay game is a must win and it would be nice to be full strength at that point.

Dale Lolley said...

Sanchez is the whole reason I wasn't sold on the Jets. Don't care how much talent you have around the QB, the QB still has to make some plays.

Same reason I'm not sold on the Ravens. Flacco is better than Sanchez, but not much. He doesn't turn the ball over like Sanchez, but he's inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Tomlin's not lying too much about the Starks injury, that would be great news. Casey may as well sit a couple of weeks.

Flacco is great at lofting jump balls near where pass interference may occur.

adamg said...

Frankly, the Jets would be better off with Brad Smith at QB.

I saw Leftwich out throwing in warm-ups on Sunday. It didn't look like he had on a knee brace, just had it wrapped. He seemed to moving around ok, but he wasn't doing the practice drops with Dixon and Batch. He was just taking maybe one step back and throwing. I'm guessing because the knee isn't strong enough. He might practice, but I doubt he'll suit vs Tenn.

marc said...

imo, flacco is one of the most overrated players in the nfl.

he relies heavily on the RB's in the passing game. he is inconsistent on mid to long routes and routinely throws it up for grabs (not just last game).

that's probably why the steelers have success defending the ravens. our linebackers can matchup with their RB's out of the backfield leaving the secondary the ability to continue playing over-the-top coverage on deep balls.

while the jets defense played well, they sold out way too often leaving a rookie or a slow cromartie one-on-one without any help over-the-top. way to let your ego run the show, rex.

Anonymous said...

The thing is, who do you believe more, Adam Schefter or Tomlin? I believe Schefter more. Tomlin is the guy who called Troy "week to week" for the final seven games of last season.

Anonymous said...

"The thing is, who do you believe more, Adam Schefter or Tomlin? I believe Schefter more."

That was easily, and this is saying something, EASILY the dumbest statement I have ever read on this blog. Yeah, Schefter. He is a complete idiot and a rumor monger, and your a moron for listening to him. Just because Tomlin called Troy week to week doesn't imply ignorance of the situation. Have none of you haters realized that Tomlin doesn't feel it necessary to tell the media everything or even anything for that matter?? Cripes, how hard is it to use your brain? Why would you let the opposition know for a fact that Troy was out?


Anonymous said...

^ crybaby

Scheftler knows more than u ever will

Anonymous said...

I like Tomlin, and you made my point for me. Tomlin likes to play cloak and dagger regarding injuries, so a neutral, third-party insider like Schefter might have more credibility on the subject.

Dale Lolley said...

Starks' injury is not a high ankle sprain. He was walking around without a boot and only the ankle taped. If it were a high ankle sprain, he'd be in a boot.