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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Look for Batch to be the starter

After thinking about it for the past couple of days, the Steelers appear to be ready to head into the regular season using their backup quarterbacks to Ben Roethlisberger the same way they had planned - with one exception.

It looks like they're leaning to substituting Charlie Batch for injured Byron Leftwich and use Dennis Dixon as a change of pace.

The move actually has some merit – particularly since the Steelers feel Leftwich's knee injury will be more of the two to three-week variety. That could have him back in Week 2, with Week 3 at Tampa Bay being the better possibility.

They'll tell him to stay in the pocket and leave the scrambling to the kid.

If you remember, two of Batch's more recent injuries - a broken collar bone in a preseason game and a broken hand during a regular season start - came on him running with the ball or at least attempting a QB sneak.

The Steelers will drive home the point to Batch that he has to stay in the pocket and will emphasize a safe game plan that won't put him in a lot of jeopardy - if you can do that with a QB in an NFL game.


datruth4life said...


Any update on the people who were signed to the practice squad? So far, I've seen that FB Frank Summers and G/C Dorian Brooks are two. Any idea who the other 6 are? Thanks.

jfam99 said...

The Bills claimed Urbick from waivers

William said... has the practice squad up now:

TE Eugene Bright, OG Dorian Brooks, S Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith, WR Tyler Grisham, OT Kyle Jolly, DT Steve McLendon, FB Frank Summers and DE Doug Worthington.