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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just something I noticed in practice this week

Three of the players the coaching staff weren't happy with from an attitude standpoint in training camp - Antonio Brown, Crezdon Butler and Keenan Lewis – are running as scout players at practice this week, ie. dressed in the jersey number of somebody on the opposing team.

The Steelers usually do this with three or four key players on the opposing team each week.

For example, Brown is serving as Tennessee running back Chris Johnson.

It's possible that those three players would have been used in those roles anyway. But it's a good way for the coaching staff to show the young guys that they aren't bigger than the team.

© Arnaz Battle returned to practice Thursday, but pretty much everyone else who missed Wednesday - other than the vet's day off guys - did not.

That's not saying guys won't play - veterans can miss work all week and still suit up.

But it's bad news for Jason Worilds and Emmanuel Sanders, who both missed their second day. Rookies have to practice to be active.


Patrick said...

do u think Antonio Brown will spell Mendy on Sunday at RB?

Anonymous said...

Hadn't heard the attitude knock wrt Butler. Guess with Blount and White not sticking on roster, there was no need for Dwyer to simulate a fat, lazy, dumbass RB. That's a shame.

Belonging in the Things that make me go Hmmm entry, one of the league's most run heavy teams only has two RBs on their roster.

Pat said...

Vince Young is a running back that can throw

Anonymous said...



Dale Lolley said...

Not as much with Butler as the other two, but I know they didn't like his play in the last preseason game when he thought he broke up a pass and started waving his hands, only to have the receiver turn and keep running down the field.

Anonymous said...

What was the problem with Lewis' attitude in training camp? The meltdown in Denver was after camp had ended.

Anonymous said...

Splitting hairs are we? 'or are you just a part time barber.

Mrs. Isaac Redman

Anonymous said...

I probably could have worded it a little better. Here's another try:

Dale, when you said Lewis had an attitude problem in training camp, were you referring just to the game in Denver, or did you mean his attitude was a problem even prior to that game?

Henry said...

These are the type of entries that keep me coming to this blog.

Thanks Dale for bringing attention to certain team situations without being a rumor mongerer.

Were members of the coaching staff as pleased with Jason Worilds STs performance as the fans?

Dale Lolley said...

I consider the entire preseason training camp, so there's the hair splitting.

The coaches were happy with Worilds. But, like I said, he won't dress without practicing, so it looks like it will be Gibson's turn this week.

keevin said...

Dale - if Sanders missed practice does that mean Antonio Brown will dress Sunday and possibly return kicks? He has big play ability

Anonymous said...


I guess I didn't keep up with training camp enough (I was on vacation), but what happened with Butler, Lewis, and Brown? What did they do??

Thank you.

adamg said...

Lewis had an emotional meltdown against Denver and Tomlin angry.

Brown hot-dogged it too much on pass receptions and returns for the coaches' taste.

Not sure what Butler did wrong.

kelly said...

I want Brown dressed to return kicks/punts. He practiced it all camp and preseason, and we dumped Logan because he was solid. Now he doesn't get a hat? I obviously don't know what's gone on in practice to cause him to fall out of favor, but let's get passed it and get him in the games. Face it, if he's the closest player we have to CJ, he needs to be on the field.

Dale Lolley said...

Brown should be active this week.

Anonymous said...

"so it looks like it will be Gibson's turn this week."

in a way that's cool. We get to see in consecutive weeks 2 of our picks of the same position. First Worilds and Sanders then Gibson and Brown

Take the chance guys!