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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Foster replaces Essex, Asomugha inactive

The Steelers have announced they will start Ramon Foster at right guard in place of Trai Essex.

While Essex struggled last week against New England, it could be a move that is greasing the skids for Essex to move to left tackle if Jonathan Scott struggles.

Brett Keisel is also inactive again today.

But the biggest injury news comes from Oakland, which has Nnamdi Asomugha inactive today, leaving the Raiders without their best cornerback.

Darius Heyward-Bey is also down.


marc said...

i didn't see the game. did they really dominate as the score suggests? hope so, that would be a good sign.

adamg said...

The game was not even as close as the final score. The Steelers dominated on offense and defense despite 160+ yards in penalties.

Vaflyer said...

Many of those large gaining penalties were just junk. The Roughing the Passer penalty on Woodley was bad. The Harrison one was worse cause not only was it a horrible call, but it took 6 off the scoreboard as well.

Scott said...

And Dungy says Harrison should be fined for that hit?!?!?!?!? Un-friggin believable!

adamg said...

You know what? If the NFL wants to protect qbs, then bring back the in the grasp rule and blow the whistle as soon as the defender has the qb in his grasp. It will hurt some qbs, but that's the price to be paid to be protected.

Zac said...

marc: The offensive looked very good and the defense looked perfect
Scott: I don't think Dungy understands real football, and he is an over-zealously judgmental person with no business on television

Anonymous said...

Thr good news is I activated the refs in my fantasy leasge and scored a lot of yardage.

Anonymous said...

where are all the naysayers from last week now? Did you see my boy take the screen in for a TD!

Mrs. Isaac Redman

marc said...

great to hear they looked so good.

dungy always favors the offense and qb's when it comes to the rules.