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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No fines for Steelers

Further enforcing the idea that the Steelers had some very bad calls against them in Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders is the fact that no fines were assessed to any of the team's players by the NFL this week.

Under normal circumstances, when a player draws a personal foul, the league looks at it and assesses a fine - in addition to the in-game penalty.

In this case, no notice of fines were awaiting the players in the locker room when they returned Wednesday to prepare to play the Buffalo Bills this Sunday.

I spoke privately with a couple of players about the issue and they think they're being watched more closely than other teams, which may have been a factor in the flags that were thrown Sunday.

It's hard to argue that theory after watching Sunday's game.

© On a different note. Happy Thanksgiving to the readers of this blog. I want to thank all of you for making this a regular stop during your daily surfing of the net.


James Martin Feeney Jr. said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Mr. Lolley. Your blog is an everyday stop for me! I would also like to extend Happy Thanksgiving wishes to my extended family "Steelers Nation" as well as the whole Steelers organization. Be safe and "he we go Steelers here we go"!
Sincerely, James Feeney

Steve-O said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Steeler Nation and thank you Dale for giving us a forum to opine on how to run our beloved Steeler organization... even if we don't know what we're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Dale. Thanks for the blog. And for keeping my wildly pessimistic streak under control (at least when it comes to the Steelers).

--One of the (non-troll-ish) anonymous ones

H. Covert said...

One of the things I'll be giving thanks for this year is Dale's blog. I read it every day (often checking in more than once a day to see Dale's responses to comments) for some of the best insight into the Steelers. Thanks, Dale, for giving us such a great resource and for being so responsive to the inquiring minds of Steeler Nation!

Todd said...

I must be the only member of Steeler Nation who wasn't worried about the Raiders game. I knew the Steelers would come out spitting fire.

However, am I the only one concerned about the Bills game? It feels like the mother of all trap games.

marc said...

happy thanksgiving.

and yes, the bills are a trap game. please come out swinging.

Anonymous said...

Remember back in 07 versus the Pats, the guarantee game that wasn't? Brady hits Moss for 60+ yd TD, sprints nearly the length of the field to find Anthony Smith in the endzone and gets in his face. Who knew then that Smith coulda just clocked Brady and he would've only been docked $10k for a first offense? Why is Cher in my head? If I could turn back ti-ime.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Dale. Thanks for what you do.

Todd said...

Thanks very much Dale. I appreciate your blog very much!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving.

It is the only day "Redzone" takes off the whole year from training. But he trains his stomach on turkeys instead. A little know fact is that prior to the pilgrims, we used to eat Dodo's for Thanksgiving. The reason we don't now is because "Redzone" ate them into extinction one Thanksgiving when he was particularly ravenous. Now he is a bit more moderate in his consumption. This year, he only ate 33 turkeys in honor of his jersey number and the total number of Chuck Norris movies.

Mrs. Isaac Redman

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about that Pats game too, but Deebo did head butt Brady after he got in Smith's face. I don't remember any discipline for Deebo.