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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday with Tomlin

Mike Tomlin refused to comment on Richard Seymour's fine - not suspension - for slugging Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger during Sunday's 35-3 Pittsburgh win.

That's not all that surprising, since it would serve no purpose for Tomlin to comment on it.

But the Steelers aren't happy about having their quarterback attacked like that with little repercussion.

© Tomlin said he expects Brett Keisel to be a full participant in practice this week and will play Sunday against the Bills.

Safety Will Allen has also be cleared to return to practice.

Rookie wideout Antonio Brown has some knee swelling and it could limit him in practice. If he doesn't get at least two days of practice, he won't play this week.

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marc said...

we know tomlin won't make any official remarks, or any other steeler's coach for that matter.

however, without naming anyone, do you get a sense from any coaches that this is BS. that the refs and NFL have gone overboard and the team is being targeted?

totaji said...

I found it odd that none of the players stepped in and got in his face. It shows how unpopular Ben is. I am not trying to make sh#t up, but if someone bitch slapped Brady, his linemen would have jumped in.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you didn't see Kemoeatu come in and hit/shove Seymour after he knocked Ben to the ground. Remember there were two fouls, one on Seymour and one on Kemoeatu.

So, I would beg to differ that the O-line doesn't like Ben.

totaji said...

Yeah maybe I missed it.
I hope all the bad calls against the Steelers works them up to make them play better.

Vaflyer said...

Personally, I find Tomlin's lack of a comment disappointing unless he is saying different things to his players. I think it would not have been inappropriate for him to say something like,

"Well, we find it somewhat disappointing that our players get fined 3 times this amount for a play on the field which neither had a flag thrown nor called for ejection. At the least our guys hits USED to be legal in the NFL which is more than can be said about this repeat punching offender."

Is there something to gain from the NFL? No. From the press? Probably not. From his players? Potentially.

adamg said...

Bouchette commented on the FSN show that Dan Rooney was back in town and implied that he either would be or has been chatting with Goodell about the recent happenings wrt officiating.

Dale Lolley said...

I've seen that little bit of misinformation time and again totaji. Just not true.

As for the coaches, I haven't seen any of them since the fine came down.

I'm sure Tomlin will use the incident to continue pushing buttons with the team.

joe said...

ppg is saying allen is back healthy, and brown will most likely be out sunday. if brown is healthy, he ought to be active instead of allen.

guys at work, who aren't steeler fans, are equally dumbfounded with the small fine seymour recieved and the baloney call on clark and jh. it isn't only steeler fans sick of the "new nfl"