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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Steelers now need two practice squad players

The Steelers now need to not only replace Steve McClendon on their practice squad, they have to find a replacement for Al Woods as well – at least according to one report.

Woods, according to the report. was signed by the Tampa Bay Bucs off the Steelers practice squad, leaving the Steelers short on defensive linemen with Aaron Smith out indefinitely.

Woods, however, was seen in the Steelers' practice facility today - though that could have been to clean out his locker here.

Expect the team to sign at least one defensive lineman today.

UPDATE: The Steelers just signed outside linebacker Chris Ellis to the practice squad. Ellis, a Virginia Tech product, was with the Bills in training camp.

UPDATE II: The Steelers have signed Sonny Harris to replace Woods on their practice squad.

© The line of the day came from Cincinnati head coach Marvin Lewis when asked about Randy Moss being available.

At first Lewis declined to comment. But when told he could have a "triple threat" at wide receiver with Moss, Terrell Owens and Chad Ocho Cinco, Lewis, without missing a beat replied, "I don't have enough bullets for my gun."

© Ben Roethlisberger admitted today to being a "little nervous" about calling a QB sneak on the goal line because New Orleans had a big nose tackle and rookie center Maurkice Pouncey was working on a silent count.


The Hammer said...

Already signed OLB Ellis from Va Tech yesterday.

Dale Lolley said...

That would be difficult to do since he just signed today. They may have agreed yesterday, but he didn't officially sign until today.

Anonymous said...

Dale's pony is slow

Dale Lolley said...

Again, until PS squad guys are in the building and have signed, you have to be careful with them.
They may have agreed with Ellis, but that doesn't mean another team doesn't jump on him when they find the Steelers are interested.
For instance, the Bengals could screw the Steelers by wooing the kid to come to their practice squad or active roster instead with the idea that they force the Steelers to go another day down a linebacker and force the other young guys to pick up the slack in practice - thus wearing them out. We are getting to that point where the season is getting pretty long, particularly for the young guys who are used to playing 12 college games over the course of four months.
They've now played that many games in three months - counting the preseason.

It's kind of like undrafted rookie free agents after the draft. Until they put their name on a contract, there's a lot of jockeying that can go on.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Marvin Lewis sometimes...the idiot of an owner he has puts him in the worst possible situations.

Adam said...

Is this the same Sunny Harris that the steelers never should have released last year? The same one that after he was PSed and signed by another team would be a huge giant mistake?

No no, I'm not drawing any correlations here, no sirree.

adamg said...

How hard is a qb sneak?
All you need is for the qb to tell the center to count to 3, snap, go forward. The qb will be ready to receive the ball the moment he lines up behind the center.

It certainly was less complicated than the plays that were run.

other_patrick said...

Anybody think Wothington might have a better upside than Harris?

Sorry to see Gibson go but Ellis is probably more game ready having played in the league before. Maybe another Kugler recommendation??

Anonymous said...

Dale, do you know if Brett Keisel practiced today. Tomlin said he was ready to return but would know more when he practiced so wondered if he practiced today.