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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Harrison hit with $20,000 fine

Another day, another fine for James Harrison.

Two days after meeting with commissioner Roger Goodell, Harrison was fined $20,000 by the NFL for a late hit on New Orleans' quarterback Drew Brees last Sunday.

That brings Harrison's fine total this season to a cool $100,000.

Harrison won't appeal this fine.

© Defensive end Brett Keisel practiced for the second consecutive day on Thursday and looks to be a go for Monday night's game at Cincinnati.

In fact, the Steelers are so sure, they aren't even list Keisel on their injury report.

© Last Sunday's game at New Orleans was the first time this season the Steelers have really missed Sanontio Holmes.

Read more about it in Friday's Observer-Reporter.


Anonymous said...

Dale, will there be a fine from the NFL for the helmet to helmet hit on Hines Ward in the endzone?
If not, this is a witch hunt and Harrison and the steelers are being unfairly singled out IMO.

Anonymous said...

Good point about Santonio.

Remember our first play from scrimmage vs. Denver in the preseason, Ben & Wallace?

Also, hurry up, E. Sanders!

Dale Lolley said...

At this point, there has been no fine. But I'm not in New Orleans, so I can't ask the player.
The league now announces its fines Friday - it didn't used to do that.
To find out before that, you have to ask the player.

Anonymous said...

Wow, all I can say is wow. They may just succeed in frustrating the guy out of the league.

Patrick said...

I wish they could fine Tomlin or Arians

Anonymous said...

This just in ... Harrison fined 5k for glaring at Carson Palmer

marc said...

harrison will be suspended by the end of the year. not because he's dirty, but because he is so relentless he is due for at least 2 more late hits.

i also predict #43 will get a substantial fine by the end of the year because of his diving/spearing type tackles sometimes that will end up being helmet-to-helmet at some point.

Patrick said...

good article Dale

But really, this type of thing should have been foreseen and able to be dealt with not in July/August but in OTA's.

Yes, I question the coach a lot. But I think he gives a lot of reasons to do so. How many times have we seen these all out blitzes? And watched them work effectively. Amazing that Week 8 is when they are learning the trust in each other of when to read hot.

Anonymous said...

you know when else we could use Holmes? beating the Ravens. He made a big play to beat the Ravens in all 3 games we beat them 2 yrs ago. And he came up huge in the playoffs

Dale Lolley said...

Tough to work on hots with the quarterback when the quarterback wasn't permitted to be at 90 percent of the OTAs.

Patrick said...

true, but he was at training camp and halfway through the season they aren't on the same page.

You don't see anything wrong with that?

Dale Lolley said...

I'm not saying its right, I'm just saying there's a trust factor - as Mike Wallace told me for my story today.

And actually, he had 12 practices with the new receivers since Aug. There are some issues there.

Anonymous said...

It's also very similar to the second time we played both Cincy & Cleveland last year & Philly the year before. They looked like they had no idea the Saints would dare blitz them or something, took them until the 4th quarter to wake up.

A quick start on offense at Cincy Monday night would really help -- I think the Bengals fold/implode if we get a good lead on them.