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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Steelers-Bills game day thread

Brett Keisel was downgraded to questionable Saturday with a calf injury and will be a game time decision to play today.

The guess here is that Keisel won't play as the Steelers will save him for next week's game at Baltimore and were just looking for a reason not to test his hamstring in the cold at Buffalo.

© Speaking of Buffalo, it's cold and windy here.

The bus in was also pelted with snowballs, so that gives you an idea about the conditions.

© Keisel is, in fact, inactive today.

Eason will start in his place.

Matt Spaeth is also down. Expect Trai Essex to see time as the third tight end.

Kraig Urbik will start at right guard for the Bills.

© On a side note that does not involve the Steelers, it appears Pitt is ready to pull the plug on Dave Wannstedt.

I'm hearing that Marvin Lewis is very interested in the Pitt job.


Patrick said...

I can't wait to see the comments after this one.

I really loved a banged up Ben punting. Amazing

Anonymous said...

Eh, I'm just thankful for the win. Had they lost, the season would have been over. Have to beat the teams you're supposed to.

Hero: Shaun Suisham. Suck it, haters!

Goat: The O-Line. So many penalties.

Patrick said...

Goat is Stevie Johnson

Anonymous said...

Goat for the Bills, yes.

Anonymous said...

It's like last year's Chiefs game, except we won.

This team is like the 2008 team (the offense stunk then most of the time as well, and then Ben would lead a 2-min drive with improvised plays), except the pass defense is completely atrocious in the second half of almost every game.

Unfortunately, we sort of "go to war with the army we have, the not the one we wish we had," to paraphrase what's-his-face -- meaning the talent level in our secondary as a whole, our offensive line, and our OC is what it is.

Who knows, today is one step closer to the playoffs, and then anything can happen. Don't expect to win a Super Bowl every year.

adamg said...

I'll just start by noting that Buffalo lost to Baltimore in Balt in OT. They aren't as terrible as their record.

I guess the breaks in this game canceled each other out. Johnson drops the TD in OT, but Gay drops a pick that would have sealed the game in regulation.

The offense dominated the first half, but settling for the first FG instead of being able to score a TD hurt. I had to laugh at the holding calls againt Kemo since that is done every play, every week to James Harrison and never called.

The defense was awesome in the OT to keep Buffalo out of FG range despite the fabulous field position they had. Troy's pick near the end of regulation was another highlight reel play. The roughing call on Harrison was ridiculous. You could clearly see on TV that the ref had the flag halfway out of his pocket before Harrison even hit Fitzpatrick. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the crown of the helmet, the top? Harrison hit Fitzpatrick in the numbers with his head up and his facemask.

Loved seeing Mendenhall come back strong and determined after the fumble.

Steve-O said...


1. Are the players behind William Gay so bad that we can't sit the guy down?

2. Is Randall El really worth keeping in on punt returns? he's become nothing but a "fair catch" expert.

3. Didn't hear much from Mike Wallace today, do you think they rolled all their DB's his way? All you have to do is look at Hine's numbers to answer that question.

4. Suisham was a good decision after all... right?

Anonymous said...

Keenan Lewis looked terrible in his brief time out there and Butler wasn't activated. So yes, the plays available behind Gay are not better than Gay.

Pauley Shore said...

Roger Goodell and his la cosa nostra of NFL officials have allowed Ben to get mangled on any given play without punishment and James Harrison to get flagged before he even hits a QB. I can't imagine Ben escaping the Baltimore game alive with no protection from the NFL.

Anonymous said...

"Didn't hear much from Mike Wallace today, do you think they rolled all their DB's his way? "

I would think so

On one play he caught a nine yard out and the cb and safety were immediately all over him