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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Harrison active for Steelers

James Harrison is active for tonight's game against New England.

Will Allen, Jonathan Dwyer, Chris Kemoeatu, Aaron Smith, Antonio Brown and Brett Keisel are down for the Steelers.


Patrick said...

I don't know how much we'll see of Butler, but this is a good chance for him and Lewis to how something.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing not at all. Butler is inactive.

Patrick said...

sure about that?

marc said...

william gay at his best.

notice welker go in motion and gay following him around? again, how can gay be matched up on the other team's #1 or #2 receiver?

marc said...

on ward's no catch:

if he was in the process of making a catch when going to the ground, then the hit was helmet to helmet, no?

or, he made a catch, had two feet down, got hit and lost the ball on the way to the ground.

the nfl is a joke.

Patrick said...

this is pathetic

go team Tomlin. Eventually people will have to start calling him out

3rd and long is so bad for this team, I can't even talk about it anymore.

marc said...

pats with another long TD drive. but that's ok, we don't mind it when teams dink and dunk down the field, right?

btw, another great job by gay. all over that run, oh wait, it's a pass.

please take him off the field. i'd rather see a young guy make those mistakes than vet.

Anonymous said...

Gay is so horrible

I come here and complain about him every week and u idiots never say anything about him

Dale is the Bruce Arians of journalism

adamg said...

BR not in fine form, but not getting any help from his receivers either in the first half.

marc said...

wow, reed just bought his ticket out of town. can't believe he actually missed that.

notice pats WR's are wide open. dale, please admit the secondary sucks. it's a glaring weakness that teams are expliting. why even try to run when you don't have to.

oh well, hopefully we can beat oakland.

marc said...

another pats TD.

what was that again, teams can't drive the field on us?

whatever. the can if they don't try to run and just pass.

Anonymous said...

Gay is the worst player of all time


Anonymous said...

Hines and Timmons finish the game, we still get destroyed.

A total embarrassment.

When it counted, Ben sucked. Although the protection was so bad he gets somewhat less of the blame.

What's the deal with Mendenhall's injury? How bad is it?

That was a great plan to "let" the Patriots dink and dunk their way to 17 points.

Can Crezdon Butler be worse than William Gay?

Anonymous said...

Here are some thoughts:

1. Trai Essex is the weakest link on this team. Wouldn't Logan Mankins look good in the Black and Gold (just sayin')

2. This team will struggle to win games with J. Scott a left tackle.

3. Give Lewis or Butler a shot at the nickel corner. William Gay is consistently over-matched.

4. Ben needs to get rid of the ball and take the 3-7 yard passes. Brady and Manning are great at this.

5. Rashard Mendenhall is a great back. Give him the ball Bruce!

Anonymous said...

A mediocre team. Partly because of injuries. Partly. Still, middle of the pack. Raiders game is a toss-up that will come down to a few plays in the 4th quarter, we'll beat the Bills, lose to the Ravens, beat Bengals, lose to the Jets, beat Panthers, lose to the Browns.

Then there will be no football until 2012.

Anonymous said...

sure about that?

I was when I read their initial inactives posting listing Butler as inactive and Dwyer getting a hat. Only listed the Steelers inactives. At some point they changed it swapping Butler for Dwyer and adding the Pats inactives.