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Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday's update

Willie Parker practiced again Friday and looks like he'll be ready to go Sunday at New England.

Deshea Townsend also made it through every practice this week and appears to be good to go as well.

Bryant McFadden continued practicing, but there's no word yet if he's been cleared medically to play. As noted earlier this week, his agent, Drew Rosenhaus is telling McFadden to wait. We'll see how that plays out for the free agent-to-be,

Richard Seymour returned to practice for the Patriots Friday after sitting out Wednesday and Thursday, but linebacker Tedy Bruschi and defensive lineman Ty Warren were limited in practice for the third day in a row, Bruschi with a knee, Warren with a groin injury.

If either of those guys can't play, it could be a long day for the Patriots.


Ben said...

Dale, how do you think the rest of the players feel about McFadden? Ben, Willie, Deshea, Keisel, Heath, Hampton, et al. have all played through some pretty painful injuries this season. With the team in the thick of the playoff race, I have to think that some of them aren't too pleased that he isn't willing to sacrifice his body for the good of the team.

That said, if the guy is just too injured to play, you can't really hold it against him.

It just seems like he's planning to cash in during the off-season. Doesn't seem like the Steelers are part of the equation.

Mark said...

As far as Bryant, any injury that would impact is status as a FA, would also impact his status as a contributor in the playoffs, so I don't personally think of it as mutually exclusive. Drew should just keep his mouth shut...but we all know how that goes.

As far as this game: the closer we get the more I want it. 17-16 isn't good enough. I want to win this thing 45-3. At this point, I'll be crushed if we don't win, and win big.

Not healthy, I know.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I don't care if they win 3-0. If they can't beat the Patriots this year, will they ever beat them again?

Mark said...

You're right man, but it felt pretty good to go up big on them. A couple of those FGs become TDs and it woulda been even better...