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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday news

Short week, short notes.

Bryant McFadden is practicing again this week, but the team is waiting until the New England game to bring him back.

That's probably a smart move since it gives his broken forearm another 10 days to heal and the Steelers need him for the long run.

© Heath Miller could be back this week, which would be good news for an offense that's struggled to score without him.

© Marvel Smith continues to be out and Mike Tomlin said surgery hasn't been decided upon - yet - for his injured back.

© For the first time in weeks, the team came out of a game with no new injuries. That's a good thing considering they'll have a mini-bye after Thursday's game with 10 days off before they head to New England.

© Willie Parker and Gary Russell could share short-yardage carries.


kelly said...

Why in the world have they not put Marvel on IR?? Is there any way he plays again this year? I would bet there's no chance.

Anonymous said...

I agree Kelly! Getting old.

I hope if Miller plays that we see some throws to him. I know Spaeth saw alot of action due to SD's lack of blocking TE's but it seems Spaeth is seeing tons more action than Heath ever does. And, Heath is a great player.

rocket9 said...

There must be SOME chance that MS could play again this year. I think not putting him on IR is a good plan if there's even a remote chance. WE will start facing teams with actual pass rushes (unlike the Chargers) in the Cowboys, Patriots and Ravens and a Marvel Smith's vet savvy would be nice to have.

In recent days, the reports on his back are not encouraging however. Thats a big loss for the Steelers chances of going far in the playoffs. Smith was never an elite LT but he was a good one. That's rare enough to find in the NFL. I hope he can contribute further this season as we need all the talent we can use along our mediocre O-line.

Dale Lolley said...

I wrote a month ago that the back was worse than the Steelers were letting on.
Tomlin continued to say that it was back spasms. I had different - correct - information.
They're holding out hope he can come back and play at the end, but it may be false hope.