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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tomlin PC news

The Steelers added veteran cornerback Fernando Bryant to their roster Tuesday to help add depth to a unit depleted due to injuries to Bryant McFadden and Deshea Townsend.

To make room for Bryant on the roster, the team released linebacker Donovan Woods, who they hope to add to the practice squad again.

The team also added safety Ryan Mundy to its practice squad. Mundy was a sixth-round draft pick this year who was injured in training camp. To make room for Mundy on the pratice squad, the team released Grant Mason.

Bryant, a 10-year veteran, has played for Jacksonville – where he was a first-round draft pick – Detroit and New England.

He was released by New England at the end of training camp by the Patriots.

Head coach Mike Tomlin said Bryant will battle Anthony Madison for the nickel corner spot this week with Townsend out with a hamstring injury and McFadden needing at least one more week to recover from a broken forearm.

© Heath Miller will likely not play again this week due to a high ankle sprain.

© LaMarr Woodley is expected to be back this week after sitting out Sunday with a calf injury.

© Willie Parker is also expected to return this week after sitting out against the Colts with a shoulder injury. Tomlin said Parker's shoulder briefly popped out of the socket against the Redskins, but Parker did not realize it at the time.

While he did not exactly deny Parker has a torn labrum, he also did not confirm it.

© Left tackle Marvel Smith could be back at practice this week, but he may not be ready to step back into the starting lineup. Smith has been out a month with a back injury and Tomlin admitted Smith may be a little rusty.

© Tomlin is hopeful that Ben Roethlisberger will be able to go through an entire week of practice. He admitted that Roethlisberger's lack of practice time this season may be starting to have a trickle-down effect.


Liguori said...

Thanks for the update and all the work you put into this blog, Dale.

Stigmata said...

I second linguine's post....thanks for all the legwork, dale.

I wonder if Tomlin is the only one who is hoping Roethlisberger can practice? I think he needs a rest. I'm not bashing him, but he does not seem to be the quarterback we were used to the past few years.

Interceptions happen, but he has been very consistent with them (INT's) lately.

Anonymous said...

This question may be redundant. Why is B.R. not scrambling? Is he scared to get hit? I have seen on numerous occasions a running lane in front of Ben and he stayed in the pocket. Now I know I don't see the field from his eyes and he may see something different. But the BIG BEN threat is getting weaker and weaker as the season goes on.

Dale Lolley said...

I think he's not scrambling because he doesn't want to take a big hit on that shoulder. Teams are also designing defenses to keep him in the pocket. If he scrambles, it has to be up the middle. We've seen quite a few sacks that way. They pressure up the field and force him up into the pocket, where he gets hit.
As for the ints, I'm of the belief the lack of practice this season has affected him with his timing and accuracy.

Alex said...

The lack of practice is having a big impact. It seems like Ben and Santonio are on TOTALLY different pages.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am glad that Tomlin may be seeing the light here. It is evident to me that the lack of practice is starting to catch up to Ben, and now the Coach is finally seeing it and it looks like he wants Ben to go through a full week of practice and not be a spectator and just go through one day. It will be interesting to say the least. Great job Dale,as always.

adamg said...

Did Tomlin really defend the pass that was picked off near the end of the half by saying he didn't want Ernster to have to punt from near the end zone? Is this the same guy that had no problem with punting from the end zone with a completely untested long snapper (Harrison) and gimpy punter (Berger) two weeks ago?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dale,
I know Ben doesn't want to take a big hit... What QB does??? But I think this is the big toe theory. When ever you stub your toe and try to walk around not hitting end up hitting it more. If Ben is trying not to get hurt any worst than he is...That is taking focus away from his game and he's going to keep hitting that big toe.


Dale Lolley said...

That was part of Tomlin's reasoning. Also, he said they would have been punting from inside their own 20, so the Colts would have gotten the ball at midfield. Doesn't explain why they didn't just try for the first down and then run out the clock.

adamg said...

Thanks, Dale. I was dumbfounded by that completely lame excuse.