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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Manufacturing drama

Leave it to the Boston media to try to manufacture something that isn't there.

In a story in last week's Indiana Gazette, Anthony Smith - yes that Anthony Smith - was asked if he still felt the same way about his guarantee of a victory over the New England Patriots last season.

Smith said he didn't feel any different about it - as he said after the game, what's he supposed to think, that his team is going to lose?

He then went on to say that IF the Steelers defense continues to play well and IF the offense plays well, the Steelers will win on Sunday.

That's kind of like saying that IF I met a supermodel and IF she liked me, I might have a chance.

Of course the idiots in Boston are taking that as a guarantee - from a guy who plays nothing but special teams.

Smith is the Steelers' fourth safety this season and has barely seen the field as a defensive player. He's been used mostly on special teams.

But hey, guys, whatever you think you need to do to generate a controversy.

In fact, Smith's quote was so innoculous, that it was the last paragraph of the story.

It's good talk-show fodder - and the Pittsburgh radio guys swamped Smith Wednesday - but there's no reason to talk to a backup safety and there was no reason for him to make any guarantee, which he didn't do anyway.

© Willie Parker didn't practice Wednesday and is looking iffy to play Sunday against the Patriots.

Bryant McFadden practiced again and said he's waiting for clearance from team doctors to play this week.

Word has it, though, that McFadden's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has been in his client's ear about returning to quickly and getting hurt.

McFadden is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

On the plus side, Deshea Townsend did practice. I don't know if that means he'll play, but it certainly seems like a possibility, even though Mike Tomlin said he was doubtful on Tuesday.


steelguy said...

I wonder how McFadden's value will be if Deebo breaks his other arm for the rest of the season for listening to his douchebag agent?

Any speculations?

Dale Lolley said...

Good point. Maybe that's why McFadden kept looking around out of the corner of his eye when I was talking to him.

Patrick said...

In my opinion, if McFadden is going to let his agent make decisions like this for him, then he can play somewhere else.

I know that's a straight line, kind of mean attitude, but you can't have a locker room full of guys like that. It starts a thing where another guy on the fringe of an injury and a contract up, doesn't want to play either. Its a bad attitude that isn't team first and its not Steelers football, in my opinion.

On the oher side of the coin though, is Rosenhaus's professional responsibility to his client. However, I think this suation is ticky tacky and McFadden should say, appreciate the advice sir, but I'm a football player and if I can go, I want to be on the field for a HUGE game on Sunday.

Plus I think the whole team gets an emotional lift when someone is out there battling it out with an injury. Its an attitude, and every team could use more of it.

Go Steelers

Ben said...

I agree with you, Dale, that its blown way out of proportion. I'm kind of upset with the Pittsburgh media for making such a big deal of this. I know its their job to find a good story, but making one up is an entirely different issue.

More than that, they're hurting the Steelers, and they know it. No loyalty for the home team? Not like they'd have jobs without them.

I'm also kind of urked that they feel the need to pick on Anthony Smith. He's obviously not the brightest bulb, and it just seems like word-trickery more than anything.

With that said... Anthony Smith -- the next time someone asks you about this, the correct answer is: "NO COMMENT."

Dale Lolley said...

We don't have any loyalties anywhere. Our only loyalties are to our readers and this wasn't a story. That's why the newspapers haven't made a big deal of it.
It's a non-story. He didn't say anything.
The radio guys are talking about it because that's what they do.
Believe me, the Boston papers are making a much bigger deal of it.