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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Secondary getting healthy

The Steelers on Thursday re-signed running back Najeh Davenport, a sure sign they expect to get at least one of their injured cornerbacks back in the lineup Sunday at New England.

How does the re-signing of a running back figure into that?

To make room for Davenport on the roster, the team released cornerback Roy Lewis.

On first glance, it might appear the re-signing of Davenport would be insurance if Willie Parker doesn't play because of his sore knee.

But Parker practiced Thursday and looks to be on schedule to play.

Davenport is a solid special teams player and with Deshea Townsend practicing for the second consecutive day Thursday while coming back from a hamstring injury, and Bryant McFadden also being a possibility, the Steelers didn't need Lewis.


mike tomlin's kids said...

Najeh's back!!!

Ben said...

That's some of the best news I've heard all week. We'll need all of our corners to handle Moss & Co. and we could definitely use Willie to get the run game going.

Is there any doubt that the Steelers realize how big this game is?

Ben said...

Just one more comment...

Think we'll see a big game for Heath? With Rodney Harrison out, and their old, slow linebackers, does anyone on their defense match up against him? He's too fast (and failing that, he runs great routes) for the linebackers, too big for the corners.

Thanks, Dale.

Dale Lolley said...

I just wrote that last night on a fantasy football web site that I write for I love Miller this week

Patrick said...

I agree with you guys, but the only problem is that we all love Heath every week and just doesn't get thrown to as much as we would like. He does have that Ward guy catching balls too, so thats probably half the problem, the other half is him being kept in to block.

But I hope he tears up NE's LB's and CB's. Could be a game changer, I just think he could do that in ANY game if given the chance