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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday update

Ben Roethlisberger sat out practice again Thursday, but is targeting Friday as a day to possibly return.

Willie Parker sat out again with his shoulder injury, but like Roethlisberger, he is targeting Friday as a day to practice.

At this point, I would say that Heath Miller, Marvel Smith, Najeh Davenport and Bryant McFadden are the guys who will be out.

© There are several reports that the Steelers are interested in signing former Atlanta and Oakland cornerback DeAngelo Hall. Even though the Steelers could use some help at the position - particularly next season – I don't see it happening.

Hall has been a bit of a goofball during his career and, in my opinion, is overrated as a player. He's certainly not as good as he thinks he is.

He could possibly help the Steelers in the return game, however. Hall has done a little punt and kick returning in his career.

Perhaps bringing a me-first guy into this locker room is something the Steelers feel they could get away with because they have strong leadership.


Steelers Blogger said...

I see Hall going to the Pats, he is not in the Steelers mold of players and could hurt the chemistry. As far as Ben goes, I still say he sits this week. I also would not be surprised to see Willie on the limited list Friday and listed as questionable and mixed in on Sunday with a little lighter load.

Here is to the Cleveland Brady Bunch Clowns losing tomight.

Mohammed said...

Why is Davenport out? As for Hall, I think it could work, but I don't think the reward is worth the risk.

Dale Lolley said...

Davenport has a hamstring injury

Brian said...

I think Hall ends up in Dallas. With no idea how long Pacman will be suspended, Jerry will want to make another splash & this is it.

Dale mentioned the lack of running yesterday. The issue isn't just the lack of rushing plays, but the absolute ignorance to the need for a power running aspect to the offense. I noticed an awesome Carey Davis block in the Redskins game. I especially noticed it because I had never seen one before. While Arians did call rushing plays over 50% of the time last season, the types of runs that he calls & the personnel groups that he uses don't wear defenses down like the Steelers did for 74 years before Arians took over. Our best blocking FB at this time is Sean McHugh & our best short yardage back is Mewelde Moore. What does that tell you?

Alex said...

I think we should put Najeh in a CB, at least he won't fumble the ball. He is really our only option.

Patrick said...

I would be ok with Hall as long as it is well noted to him in advance, we don't do bs here. I know Hall has had his moments, but it was mostly during Petrino's time and I almost can't blame him for that. He may be a little overrated, but he is not bad and we could use the CB help. Plus I think Tomlin's best asset is helping players in the secondary and realting to young players. If we could get Hall for a low level performance based deal 1-2 year deal with the hope of blending in the locker room and becoming an asset next year, I'm ok with it.

Even if they do sign him, I still hope the Steelers franchise McFadden with the hope of getting a long term. He was excellent before the injury and Ike has stepped up big time this year. We could have an absolutely dominate secondary for years to come.

kelly said...

Looks like Parker is out Sunday. Who's going to return kicks? Will Moore stay back there now that he'll be starting at RB? I see they released that Foster kid, so he's not going to get a shot.

Wow we've had a lot of injuries.

Steelers Blogger said...

Looks like Ben practiced fully and is probable. I do not see why Tomlin would not rest him this week or at least dress him and be an injury backup to Byron. Ben needs a game or two off. Najeh is questionable, so I guess MeMo or Santonio get return duties.

Dale what is Woodleys' true status? Questionable and sat today, is he a go?