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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Let is snow

The snow is falling hard here at Heinz Field a half-hour before the start of today's game with the Chargers. Should make things interesting.

No real surprises in the inactive list for either team.

With Baltimore getting smacked around in New York as expected, the Steelers have a chance to create some room between themselves and the Ravens today.


Stigmata said...

If you think Heinz field is a mess now...wait until the WPIAL games get over with!

adamg said...

At least the Steelers are away at NE after the WPIALs, but the field is going to be an absolute mess for the kids on Saturday after two pro games in five days. It's a shame after working so hard to get to the WPIAL championship game, the kids have to play on such poor field conditions.