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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday thoughts

Ben Roethlisberger practiced Wednesday, but didn't want to admit that maybe his timing was off because of his lack of practice time this season.

That may be a bit of a pipe dream.

Roethlisberger's reasoning was that the team's receivers are guys he's worked with in the past. But that just doesn't matter. When you're missing half the practices, your timing is going to be off. Otherwise, nobody would ever practice.

© The Steelers are about as healthy this week as they've been in the past month - with the notable exception of the cornerback position.

They had better dial up the pressure this week against San Diego.

LaMarr Woodley didn't practice Wednesday, but he'll be back for the game. That will help.

© Roethlisberger was chucking the ball deep in practice Wednesday. So much for the theory being touted on local radio that he couldn't.

The people saying that discounted the fact the Colts play a Cover-2 defense, which allows the ball to be thrown underneath.

© Willie Parker said he's embarrassed that the running game is averaging under 100 yards per game. That might not change this week against a San Diego secondary that's the worst in the NFL.

But at least Parker will be back.

He put his shirt on over his head while talking to me Wednesday, raising both arms over his head. There was no grimmace of pain like I've noticed with Roethlisberger at times. That's a good sign.

© Word is that Marvel Smith may undergo another back surgery - no surprise to readers of this blog.

So much for the back spasms, as head coach Mike Tomlin called them.


70sfan said...

- Good to hear about Parker. He won't solve the problem that is the running game, but he may help a little bit. Although if he is not a check down option like Moore, ...

- Good think the team didn't extend Marvel Smith this past offseason. Of course, the team still has holes at LT and needs help elsewhere along the o line next year, but at least they aren't depending on a broken down Smith.

kelly said...

Why isn't Parker a check down option?? I know he's not the receiver Moore is, but he's still a good option. Parker gets a bad rap IMO. Just because Ben doesn't use the check downs, doesn't mean he can't catch. I seem to remember parker running some nice screens way back when... We just need to throw him the ball, he'll catch it.

Anonymous said...

We need to put Marvel on IR immediately and sign some depth.

70sfan said...


Parker isn't a check down option because he has ZERO catches this season. I am not going to argue whether it's because of ability or design, but the end result is that he doesn't have a single catch. Then add in the fact that he has a bum shoulder, which could make it hard for him to raise his hands to make the catch.

Would I like to see Parker utilized in the passing game. Sure. But I'm just going by the evidence.

Anonymous said...

70sfan isn't that the chicken and egg argument? Is Parker not the check-down option because he has zero catches? Or Does Parker have zero catches because he isn't the check down option. I can only remember pass attempt to Parker this year that was an incompletion. I think he was running a route on the play as a wr. At the very least, he was some distance down the field.

70sfan said...

The point is that Parker isn't utilized in the passing game like Moore is. I don't know if it's chicken or egg, but if Parker is in the game, I don't expect him to suddenly catch several passes per game. Why would that suddenly change?

Anonymous said...

It may be because Parker has been out half the season! Maybe this is why he doesn't have a catch... His shoulder doesn't have anything to do with his catching ability. If he can be hit by 300+ lb lineman he can catch the ball.. What him catch atleast two passes this game.


Dale Lolley said...

They had a big guy in on Wednesday for a workout. I don't know who it was, but he was a veteran guy. I think they're preparing themselves for Marvel's demise.

Alex said...

That interesting, I'm sure we will hear about this soon if anything comes of it.