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Friday, April 03, 2009

Burress at Pittsburgh airport

According to my good friend and former KDKA sports anchor John Steigerwald, troubled wide receiver Plaxico Burress was spotted soon after his release by the New York Giants at the Greater Pittsburgh Airport.

I'm sure it was just a coincidence, but you can bet that more than a few people out there started putting two-and-two together and coming up with five.

The Steelers need a wide receiver and Burress has a good relationship with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger from their time together here.

But it's highly doubtful the Steelers would even be slightly interested in bringing Burress back.

First, he's got a possible jail term hanging over his head stemming from gun charges in New York. Second, well, we don't have to go any further than the first point.

Burress isn't coming back.

It's more likely, by the way, that he was in Pittsburgh settling some other form of business. Burress has had several problems with creditors over the years, several from when he was with the Steelers.

Seems he sometimes forgets to pay his bills.

Personally, I never had a problem with Burress. I always found him approachable, even after a loss, which wasn't always the case with some of his teammates.

But he is certainly immature.

© According to blogger Lance Zierlein - yes, the son of Steelers offensive line coach Larry Zierlein – Jay Cutler was almost with the Browns.

Actually, according to Zierlein's well-placed source – which wasn't his father – there were a couple of trade possibilities involving the Browns and Cutler.

There was a three-team deal in the works that would have sent Cutler to Washington, Jason Campbell to Cleveland and Brady Quinn to Denver.

There was also a straight Cutler-for-Quinn deal that Cutler nixed.


Patrick said...

I have zero sympathy for Burress. Absolutely none. He might be the laziest receiver of all time. He relied so much on his natural talents and never tried for more. Isn't it true he couldn't bench the 225 even once as a prospect?

His amount of fines by the Giants for being lazy/late/absent were unreal and we don't even need to go into the stupidity of his self shooting.

Ok I lied, I have some sympathy because I don't think someone should go to jail for what he did. But as a football fan, his career could be over and I could care less.

If he ever tried for more we would be talking about him as one of the greats. Instead he finds himself in this situation.

Anonymous said...

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BURGH08 said...

I'm more interested in Steigy getting another radio show in Pittsburgh than Burress coming back.

adamg said...

Now that Burress has been released by NYG, why not bring him in for a look-see? He and BR had good rapport and he's the kind of big wr, BR likes. I'm pretty sure coach Tomlin wouldn't mince any words with Plax.

Dale Lolley said...

Not to be a smart ass, but Adam, what don't you understand about the whole jail thing?
He's going to jail.
Steigy researched the gun offenses in NYC and found that 100 percent of people convicted of what Burress is accused of went to prison.
Considering the evidence against him - which includes a bullet hole in his own leg - he's looking at a jail term. That's why the Giants released him.

adamg said...

I think his lawyer is cutting a plea deal. Do you understand what a plea bargain is? No offense to "Steigy" whichever one you are referring to, but 100% of the people charged with the same crime are not named Plaxico Burress, NYG Super Bowl MVP. There is nothing to be gained by sending Burress to jail and the defense attorney, prosecutor and the judge know it.

Dale Lolley said...

I wasn't trying to be a smart ass Adam. I intended no offense. But they're not bringing Burress in.

Ben said...

The Steelers will re-sign Bam Morris before they'll sign Plax. It isn't up for debate.

Patrick said...

Ben do you think Bam Morris is the goal line back we need? I think Gary Russell did a good job last year and with Mendenhall coming back...

I'm kidding

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's sign Burress. While we're at it, we might as well sign Torry Holt and trade for Julius Peppers! How about Derrick Brooks?

Ben said...

Bam was a beast, there's no denying it. Too bad he got pulled over with enough weed to kill Snoop Dogg.