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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Steelers extend Ward

According to, Steelers receiver Hines Ward has agreed to and signed a four-year contract extension worth $22 million.

Ward was scheduled to be a free agent after the season. He's now signed through 2013.

The deal is structured so that it frees up some cap room in 2009..

© Apparently the Cleveland front office has been smoking some ganja with Percy Harvin.

Why in the world do you move down in the first round - twice - and only pick up a bunch of bums and a couple of picks?

To take a center?


© Keep an eye on what happens with the defensive tackles - Peria and Hood – if one of them is available, he could be the pick. Though Peria is 25, which is a concern.

If it comes down to Wood and Unger, Wood will likely be the pick, but we'll see.

© Hood or Unger.

© The Steelers took Ziggy Hood, giving John Mitchell his first first-round defensive lineman to work with since Casey Hampton was their first-round pick in 2001.

Hood projects as a defensive end in Pittsbugh's 3-4. He's a high-motor guy, but needs to get more stout against the run.

© I look for the Steelers to try hard to trade up in the second round. In fact, as I sit here at 7:53, almost 20 minutes after they made their pick, Colbert and Tomlin haven't come in to address the media.

Tells me something's brewing.

© I have confirmed the Steelers are trying to trade up in the second round for Unger.

© With trade up for Unger dead, I like Jamon Meredith now in the second round. Craig Urbik and Antione Caldwell are also possibilities.

© The Steelers dealt their second round pick (64th) and a fourth (132) to Denver for the 79th and 84th selections.

They now have three third-round picks.


Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't they have taken Ray Maualuga?

Also do you think they will trade up in the second to get Gilbert?

Mike Jones said...

The last thing they need is a linebacker. Give me a DE and C in the first two rounds and I'll be happy.

Al said...

Trading up for Unger ... surely way too early for us to be doing this ... isn't the cost prohibitive with what we might have to offer??? unless its a player??

Anonymous said...

Some things I have read indicate that Hood can't stop the run, hope our dline coach can fix that.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Steelers failed to trade up for Unger. Every other team seemed to be able to trade up this draft. Can't wait till we cut most of these 9 guys since we won't have spots for all of them anyways.

Mike Jones said...

So where do they go with their second round pick now that the seahawks took unger?

Anonymous said...

jarron gilbert!!!

Anonymous said...

Beatty? Moala? Herman Johnson?

Anonymous said...

cb here we come

Mike Jones said...

Who was that jackass they invited to announce the Vikes' second pick? University of Oklahoma??? They call it OU for a reason, dude.

Dale Lolley said...

I'm looking at Jamon Meredith in the second round right now.
Duke Robinson is a possibility as well, I guess, but I really don't like him.
They have to get another lineman.
They won't take another defensive end.

Dale Lolley said...

Herman Johnson is a stiff, by the way. Can't move

Anonymous said...

How did they fail to get Unger if they were willing to trade up for them?

Seems like the Pats do this sort of thing all the time.

Dale Lolley said...

It happens. You need two to tango.

Mike Jones said...

Well, that's disappointing. See yinz guys tomorrow n'at...

Mike Jones said...

Dale, what do you think about the Steelers' first pick with Evander "The Real Deal/Ziggy" Hood ?

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts Dale about where they are headed in Round 3? Gilbert? CB, OL? Now that we have 3 will we keep them or look to move them into next year's 2nd round?

Dale Lolley said...

I like Hood. High motor guy who can rush the passer a bit from the inside.
John Mitchell's going to have to work with him on his hands, but he's good with that. I'm sure they'll put him in a locker next to Aaron Smith as well.
I didn't think he'd be there. In fact, few did.
Talking to Ed Bouchette, he didn't think he'd be there either, and that's who he had the Steelers picking. We all thought he was going to Indianapolis.