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Monday, April 06, 2009

Steelers re-sign Fox

The much-awaited re-signing of linebacker Keyaron Fox has been finalized for the Steelers.

Fox agreed to a two-year, $1.8-million deal Monday.

It was a deal both sides wanted to happen, but there had been no hurry to get it done until now. With the team's offseason workouts set to begin soon, however, the Steelers wanted Fox to be able to participate.

Now, he can.


Viz-Burgh said...

Glad to get Fox back in officially. He was excellent on special teams & played really fast when he got the chance to be in the defense. We need strong role players like him, McHugh, Essex, etc. at fair prices to remain competitive. Nice signing.

Patrick said...

since theres not a lot of talk going on, I'll post my draft thoughts/mini mock.

In the first, I think the most likely scenario is the Steelers trading up a few spots for Mack. He fits a need and seems to be the type of pick the Steelers don't mind trading up for. I'm going to count this as our first and third with the trade. And I don't care for the you don't draft a center in the 1st talk. He seems like he could play Guard too and I wouldn't be suprised if he starts at Guard this year then moves to Center.

In the 2nd, I think it will be either Fili Moala or the highest rated CB. I know the Steelers don't consider position exclusively, but CB at this point should be the best value if Fili is gone. (I also really like Ron Brace but I don't think he will be there and even though Hampton/Hoke is an old combo, they are a good combo).

The rest of the Draft will probably be spent on project Olineman, some kind of wr/kick returner and I really think Frank Summers will be this year's version of Sepulveda, Dixon, Ike Taylor, Omar Jacobs, etc. ... the "why not" picks who are late round guys with a lot of raw talent but not sure it will translate (Sepulveda sort of fit this, but not exactly). Since we are drafting last each round, besides the comp picks other teams have, and though most people think a 4th on Summers is too early, I could see the Steelers doing it. Goodbye Carey Davis, hello Frank.

just my late night Steelers ramblings.

deljzc said...

hi Dave,

Could you possibly comment on how you see the abundance of back-up/special team LB's we currently have will shake out? (Fox, Frazier, A. Harrison, Woods, Bailey). This is in addition to Foote, Farrior, Timmons, Woodley, Harrison and Bruce Davis.

Is Bruce Davis on thin ice (I think he's a bust)? Is there still a chance Foote becomes a salary cap casualty? Do we completely avoid LB in the draft now?

That's 11 guys that have seen active time on our roster. Who do you think is lowest on the totem pole?