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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who are the early targets?

With three picks in the third round of Sunday's NFL draft, the Steelers have plenty of ammunition to make some noise.

Here are some of the guys who are still available who could draw their interest:

Duke Robinson, G, Oklahoma - He doesn't move as well as the Steelers might like, but some mock drafts a month ago had him going to the Steelers in the first round. I didn't like that, but in the third round, he'd be OK.

D.J. Moore, CB, Vanderbilt - If he were an inch taller than the 5-8 and change he measured at the combine, he'd already be gone.

Coye Frances, CB, San Jose State - At 6-0, 185 pounds, he just needs to put on five or so pounds. But he's intriguing.

Keenan Lewis, CB, Oregon State - A big corner who can run. Doesn't catch the ball well, though.

Chip Vaughn, SS, Wake Forest - A big safety who could help on special teams and possibly spell the end of Tyrone Carter's stay on the roster.

Jamon Meridith, OT-G, South Carolina - Played tackle in college, but may project better to guard in the pros. He's a more athletic Trai Essex.

Mike Thomas, WR-KR, Arizona - An electric return man who's only 5-8. But he can play.


Ben said...

Hearing a lot about Vasquez and Shipley, Dale. What are your thoughts on those guys?

Are you happy with the Hood pick? I liked it at first - a stud DL with great size, strength and speed. The more I hear about Ziggy - his character, intelect, and the way he composes himself - the more I like it. He seems like a Steeler through and through. The kid is eager to learn and appears to be very coachable, and with a guy like John Mitchell, I think any concerns will quickly be quelled.

Steeler fan from the 70s said...

I would like to see TJ Lang and Scott Mckillop with two of those 3 picks in the 3rd tomorrow.

Mckillop could be a slight reach but with no pick until the end of the 5th, they would have to pull the trigger in the 3rd.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of Robinson either. I think any good he did in college was because of his size. He always looked awkward and unathletic. Not to mention he was riddled with mental errors.

Thomas said...

As long as they get Mike Thomas I will be happy. Like you said Dale Robinson would be a good pick in the 3rd. I wouldn't have liked him in the first at all!

I hope they don't draft Shipley!

I would like to still see Jarron Gilbert but as you said yesterday they won't draft 2 DL players in a row.

I did not like the pick of Hood at first. I think he will be a beast once Aaron is ready to retire. I have read that he has trouble withe stopping the run. With learning from a great DE in Aaron Smith he should be able to fix that.

Dale Lolley said...

Shipley has very short arms. They could match him up with Scott Paxson in passing drills and the guys could bump chests while high-fiving with their arms extended straight in front of them - the players call Paxson T-Rex because of his short arms.

I don't have a problem with Hood. I just didn't think he'd be there.

Anonymous said...

Kraig Urbik! Solid pick, should be an upgrade at RG.