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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Steelers finalizing draft boards

The Steelers are finishing up their draft preparations and looking over prospects. With the draft a little over two weeks away, the team will begin doing mock drafts in the next week or so.

A lot can change in the draft process in two weeks, but rest assured, attaining at least two offensive linemen will be a priority. So will acquiring a cornerback, wide receiver and defensive linemen.

In fact, about the only position the Steelers won't be picking from will be quarterback and tight end.

With a healthy portion of the team's starting lineup heading into the final season of their contracts, just about anything could happen in this draft.

Of course the waiting will be the hardest part. That first day is going to drag on while we wait for the 32nd pick to finally come around.


Anonymous said...


Are they waiting until they finish the draft to determine which of next year's free agents (Heath, Clark, Keisel, etc.) they negotiate extensions with in case they draft potential replacements...or is it just a coincidence that they're waiting until May to begin discussions with anyone beyond Harrison and maybe Starks?

Anonymous said...

"A lot can change in the draft process in two weeks, but rest assured, attaining at least two offensive linemen will be a priority. So will acquiring a cornerback, wide receiver and defensive linemen."


just kidding

Anonymous said...

Shady McCoy would look good in our wildcat formation whether the media lets out the secret or not. Heck, Wannstadt practically told the other team he was running it.

Anonymous said...

Linebacker and Runningback are our deepest positions. Spending an early pick there would not be wise (especially for some Pitt loser)

Skinley Dan said...

I would love to see McCoy as a Steeler but with Parker, Mendenhall, and Moore...I doubt it.

Chris Hein said...

Why not TE, Dale? Heath's coming up on his contract and Spaeth is nothing short of a horrible blocker and an average pass-catcher. With how much BA loves 2-3 TE sets shouldn't we try to upgrade that position as well?

Anonymous said...


Do you do any draft projections for the Steelers? Do you do a mock or anything?

Anonymous said...

Most mock drafts have the Steelers taking an O-lineman (Mack in most)

I would be happy with drafting Mack

1 guy who isn't getting mentioned much whom I think the Steelers might draft in round 1 is CB/S Sean Smith from Utah. He is big and athletic (6'4" 200+ lbs). He could start out as a nickelback and eventually take over for Ryan Clark

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Sean Smith would be outstanding, hopefully, but I suspect he'll be gone. I'd be okay with Kevin Mack, too. Not bad.

Patrick said...

my point about the ILB is if a really good one fell, I wouldn't be opposed to it. I say this because I really think that unless the Steelers trade up, the quality of lineman won't be there (Mack or a top tackle), the top CB's won't be, and I don't think the Steelers will reach for someone on the Oline. At that point its BPA and it might be an ILB.

Also, in two years, Foote is gone and if Farrior all the sudden shows his age, ILB is a need. And let me repeat it, learning Lebeau's 3-4 is something that takes time, especially at that position. Are you confident with Timmons and a rookie or random FA as your ILB's? or Timmons and Fox?

I just don't agree it as deep as you see it. But it is not a glaring need, no. But it wasn't when they took Timmons at 14 either.

Anonymous said...

again with the Linebackers!!!!!

what about Defensive Line????? Older and less depth

Dale Lolley said...

They are waiting until after the draft to get really serious with the extensions. And one will be Heath Miller. They won't let him walk and he doesn't want to go anywhere.
They like Fox as a possible replacement for Foote/Farrior. Remember, it's not like he doesn't have a pedigree. He was, after all, a third-round draft pick.
Yes, I do mocks. In fact, I'll post some different scenarios in the coming weeks.

drinkyourmilkshake said...

Are you saying the Steelers won't draft a TE at all in the draft or just in the first round?

They are bringing in a TE for a visit...

Steeler DB said...

From Dale....

Yes, I do mocks. In fact, I'll post some different scenarios in the coming weeks.

1:15 PM

Hey Dale, I think the draft is IN the coming weeks. Don't you want to post your thoughts before the draft?

Patrick said...

since my draft post was in the comment before this, I'll just repeat it.

I think they'll move up for Mack in the 1st, using the 3rd. 2nd will be Fili Moala or the best CB left, the rest will be a project olineman, a KR/WR somewhere and Frank Summers in the 4th or 5th

All I'm saying about the ILB is one falls, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Steelers take him at 32 since the other positions of need will probably be a reach at that point. Thats all

Anonymous said...

I don't see them trading up in rd 1for Mack. If they trade up in the 1st it will be for a tackle. If Mack is gone by pick #32, they can draft a center later in the draft (Wood in the 2nd for example)

Dale Lolley said...

I don't think Wood will last until their pick in the second. If they want him, they'd better take him in the first.
It wouldn't be a reach. In every draft, there are tiers of players.
You have your first tier of 10 to 15 players - sometimes more, sometimes less - who are obvious first rounders.
You can then throw a net over the next 30 to 40, with teams rating them differently based on little things or need.

As for my mocks, I usually like to wait until the days after the draft to do it. I get more picks right that way - just kidding.

Anonymous said...

you are right Dale.....i meant trade up in the 2nd for Wood.

Trading up in the 1st for a center just doesn't seem right (I doubt it has ever happened in the history of the NFL)

datruth4life said...


If it came down to DE Jarron Gilbert, C/G Eric Woods, CB Alphonso Smith, CB Vontae Davis, which one would you have the Steelers taking at no. 32?

I think the decision for the Steelers would be between Davis and Gilbert. I really like Gilbert's upside as far as giving John Mitchell a gem with upside to work with. However, I can see the DB coach in Tomlin not letting Davis get away. If anyone can get that guy to play to his potential, I think it would be Tomlin.

Too bad the Steelers have to consider CB at pick no. 32. Signing B. McFadden would have had our secondary looking good for the future.


Patrick said...

someone posted on the Steelers MB about Gilbert's workout numbers almost being too high. I tend to agree with this. The guy is built just about where a 3-4 end should be and has crazy athleticism. Its not something you see every day and that makes me a little hesitant. Too many guys have the workout stuff and not the on field talent.

(there is also an amazing Youtube video of him jumping out of a pool)

But I am speaking from an uninformed mind because I only know what I've read. If the guy turns it on on gameday, then maybe hes worth the pick. I just don't see the the Steelers taking a 3-4 DE with their 1st round. They usually try to find them in the later rounds.

And in my opinion Vontae Davus won't be there, I'm lukewarm on a CB like Smith at 32 and I think Wood will still be around at 40. But that of course doesn't mean he can't be had at 32 by us. I'm just ok on that idea too.

I think I'm jumping on the Mack bandwagon

Viz-Burgh said...

If Jarron Gilbert is there I'd really want the Steelers to grab him unless one of the top players fell (especially at OT). If you search YouTube you'll find Gilbert's senior highlight film. He played a lower level of competition at San Jose St. & some of his highlights can easily be dismissed because of that, but they also played some solid competition & Gilbert played really well in those games. The tape is really amazing - Gilbert was absolutely a man among boys and has a first step that is lightning quick.

IIRC one of his best games of the year was against Boise St. who finished the year ranked #11 in one poll & #13 in another. Against Boise St. (who was ranked #13 at the time they played), Gilbert's stats were:
-- 5 Solo Tackles, 4 Assists, 9 Total Tackles
-- 4 Tackles for Loss (30 yards lost)
-- 1 Forced Fumble
-- 2 Sacks (20 yards lost)
-- 2 Quarterback Hits

So while the kid's workout #s are awesome, I don't think he's just a workout warrior. I see him as the #2 DE prospect for a 3-4, possibly the #3 guy if you think Ziggy Hood is better. And like someone else mentioned, the drop off between Mack and guys like Eric Wood and Antoine Caldwell is less than the drop off from guys like Tyson Jackson, Gilbert and Hood to the #4 DE prospect.

datruth4life said...


I totally agree with you. I think Jarron Gilbert is someone that you grab at no. 32 because he's not going to be there at no. 64 (In fact, I don't think he's going to make it to 32).

The reason that I like him is that he is probably the best athlete at the 3-4 DE position in this draft and plays a position of need for this team. He doesn't have to start this year, but you have to feel good giving DL coach John Mitchell this type of talent to work with while having someone like Aaron Smith and Brett Keisel showing him the ropes.

Also, he can play DT in our nickle and dime defenses and rush the passer. I believe that you can get a center or guard later on in the draft. And like you mentioned, this isn't a particularly deep draft for 3-4 DE's and you have more teams running 3-4 defenses. Get one while you can.

I think Wood will be there in the second round if the Steelers want to trade up, or they could sit tight and take Jamon Meredith from South Carolina, who is a G/T.

Two players I also think could be Steelers are CB Sherrod Martin from Troy and WR/KR/PR Mike Wallace from Missippi. Martin is 6'1'', 198-lbs and can play CB or S. Kevin Colbert spent a lot of time talking to him at the combine. Mike Wallace, the fastest receiver at the combine at 4.30, is 6'0'', 200 lbs. and could fill the team's need as a returner as well as take over Nate Washington's role as someone to stretch the field.

So here is my mock for the Steelers:

1) DE Jarron Gilbert - San Jose State
2) CB Sherrod Martin - Troy
3) WR Mike Wallace - Missippi
4) LT Joel Bell - Furman
5) C A.Q. Shipley - Penn State
5) FB/RB Frank "The Tank" Summers
6) NT/DT Sammie Lee Hill - Stillman
7) DE Zach Potter - Nebraska
7) OLB - Philip Hunt - Houston


Anonymous said...

since when do we need some super athlete at 3-4 DE???

What we need at DE is someone who cant be pushed around in the trenches.

Patrick said...

agree with anonymous here, our DE's never are world class ahtletes, but gritty big guys who don't get pushed around

though I will say, the one posted makes a good point about Gilbert playing in 3rd and long situations as a pash rush tackle. Steelers haven't had that.......ever