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Monday, April 20, 2009

Steelers open OTAs

The defending world champion Pittsburgh Steelers held their first official workout of the offseason Monday as they opened their OTAs (Organized Training Activities).

Santonio Holmes, Tyrone Carter, Ryan Clark, Willie Parker, Troy Polamalu, Larry Foote and Lawrence Timmons were among those who weren't here, but head coach Mike Tomlin said none of those were unexpected.

That both Timmons and Foote were MIA was interesting, though, since they figure to battle for the starting mack position. It doesn't figure to be much of a battle, however, as former first-round draft pick Timmons just has too much athleticism for Foote.

© According to director of football operations Kevin Colbert, the Steelers are very tight against the salary cap, hence the release of running back Gary Russell, as I reported last week.

Colbert said the Steelers wanted to sign Charlie Batch before OTAs opened and needed cap space to do so. They looked at the roster and running back looked to be a spot where they could give up a player with Rashard Mendenhall coming back to action.

Russell, by the way, was picked up by Cincinnati.


Patrick said...

is it me or is there some irony to a bunch of vets missing and the "we won't get lax" statements

I know this isn't that big of a deal since its April but its just funny to me.

I hope training camp is a battle again for them.

Dale Lolley said...

There's always guys missing here and there. It's not a big deal.

Anonymous said...

Dale, Correct me if I am wrong, but first day of OTA's is typicially just aerobic activity, running, weightlifting, etc.

I don't think this shows we are slacking, hopefully these guys have already been in offseason conditioning and preparing to make a roster.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Timmons represented by Rosenhaus? I wouldn't be surprised he's already angling for a new deal.

Anonymous said...

Really dissappointing that our 2007 15th overall pick doesn't seem interested in fighting to start. Timmons will never live up to where he was drafted. Even if he becomes a starter I don't seem him being a huge impact player.

Dale Lolley said...

For a guy who isn't a regular starter? No.
Plus, he's well-paid from his rookie contract.

As for first day of OTAs, they're basically light throwing and such. Going over basic plays.

Anonymous said...

Tyrone Carter, Is he still on this team?

Anonymous said...

Missing one OTA is hardly what I would call a lack of desire to compete for a starting job.

kelly said...

Hey Dale, do you know if they tried at all to trade Russell? I know there probably wouldn't have been much interest in him, but maybe we could have offered him and a draft pick to Buffalo for Parrish? They need a running back and we need WR depth and a returner.

Anonymous said... is reporting what everyone has been speculating. That Russell was cut due to trouble with the law.

Dale Lolley said...

That was being bandied about a bit in the media room a bit yesterday

datruth4life said...

Dale, here is my final mock draft until Saturday. Thoughts:

1) Jarron Gilbert - Just like Timmons, unwrap in 3 years and see what you have -- a Pro Bowl caliber talent at a position that is hard to fill.

2) G/T Jamon Meredith - Start him out at guard and he could be your RT or LT of the future.

3) WR/PR/KR Mike Wallace - At 6'0, 200 lbs, this guy has the size and speed to be more than a 3rd WR and returner. I could see him starting alongside Santonio Holmes in year three.

4) CB/S Sherrod Martin - He might not last this long. If he doesn't, then the pick is CB Mike Mickens from Cincinnatti.

5) NT/DT Sammie Lee Hill - Oh look, Mom, DL John Mitchell finally has some young toys to play with in Hill and Gilbert.

5) LT Joel Bell - Good frame, Good feet and a little nastiness to top it off. Sounds like an ex I used to date.

6) RB/FB Frank "The Tank" Summers - You asked for a tank, you get a tank. He'll be third on the RB list next year after Fast Willie departs. THis year, he'll gobble up TDs.

7) DE Zach Potter - Another DL project for Coach Mitchell to mold.

7) OLB Philip Hunt - At 6'0, 245 lbs with 4.8 speed, he's not big enough, fast enough or tall enough. He just likes hitting QBs. What would a draft be without the Steelers selecting a LB?

Dale, that's it. Also, have you heard anything concrete about the Steelers discussing a trade for Roscoe Parrish? If this does have legs, do you think this is a move that the Steelers need to make and what pick would you give up to make it happen?

Dale Lolley said...

Colbert pretty much confirmed that they talked to Buffalo, but he said they call every team to see who might be available.

As for Gilbert, I'm still not sold on him.

datruth4life said...


You weren't sold on Timmons or Mendenhall as no. 1 picks for the Steelers, either, so what's the difference? Would taking C/G Eric Wood with pick no. 32 and then trading up in the 2nd round to get Gilbert be any more palatable for you?

Or would you rather they stay where they are in the 2nd round and take NT Ron Brace from Boston College?

Anonymous said...

datruth4life - I would be ecstatic with that draft but there is no way Sherrod Martin lasts into the 4th round

great job though (good idea drafting a NT in the mid rounds)