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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Foote wants out

Linebacker Larry Foote has asked to be released after being told that third-year man Lawrence Timmons will take over his starting job.

The Steelers apparently tried to deal Foote during last weekend's NFL draft, but found no takers for Foote and his $2.9-million salary.

With the draft completed, they are continuing to attempt to find a taker, possibly a team that hoped to get a linebacker in the draft but was unable to accomplish it.

A fifth-round draft pick in 2002, Foote has been a starter since 2004 and is very well respected within the team's locker room.


Patrick said...

well I'm proved wrong once again. The team MUST feel ok with Fox, Woods,or Bailey or whoever, if there is an injury to either Farrior or Timmons, because they did nothing to address ILB even after getting DL, WR, CB in the draft.

If that is the case, then I beleive them. The space is needed and if people stay healthy, Foote will not be missed on the field.

Seems like a great guy though and I hope he has success anymore but in the AFC North

Dale Lolley said...

It's not necessarily a case of feeling good about it as much as it is about doing the right thing by a veteran who's helped you win two Super Bowls.
Foote has always been a stand-up guy. I'll miss him around the locker room.

Dale Lolley said...

And sorry guys, I spent all day at the ballfield working, so I wasn't near the computer today.

Patrick said...

agreed Dale, I was just saying that if they knew about this before the draft, which it seems they def did, and they passed on ...every ILB in the draft, without even mentioning Mauluga or Laurinitis (I guess that counts as a mention), they have to have some faith in their back ups.

and there is the cap space issue of course.

I'd really like to see Hampton, Miller deals done soon too, if possible.

Anonymous said...

I hope we get a Miller extension done soon but not Hampton. I want to see Hampton play in a contract year, he is going to dominate this year! Then we franchise him :)

Anonymous said...

How many years does Farrior have left on his contract? Look 1 year before it is up...that is when we will take a new ILB in the draft, IMO.

Anonymous said...

"How many years does Farrior have left on his contract? Look 1 year before it is up...that is when we will take a new ILB in the draft, IMO."

What are you talking about?

We extended Farrior to a 5 year deal during last season but he is getting old

I dont understand what u r trying to say

Anonymous said...

Foot goes to Card with a draft pick and we get Boldin.

rocket9 said...

Foote wants out and the Steelers try to accomodate him. Larry has been an underrated player for us. He's excellent against the run and I suspect that is why he played a little longer in front of L.Timmons who needed some seasoning to learn all the responsibilites of the position, including run support.

I guess he looked at Farrior still going strong and Timmons coming up and saw the writing on the wall.

Good luck to Larry wherever he lands..unless its NE

Dale Lolley said...

I really don't see anyone trading for him unless they have an injury at mini-camp this weekend.
They'd have to take on his $2.9 million contract if they trade for him. They can wait for the Steelers to cut him and then sign him long-term and give up nothing.

Anonymous said...

I know Goodell waited until Matt Jones case rapped up before suspending him. Do you know for sure if this was Holmes first strike? Or since the first one is kept confidential, is there a chance this is his second, and if so, a chance he could be suspended pending the result of his court case?

Ben said...

Holmes won't be suspended. Not for weed. He was polite and cooperated with the cop who arrested him, and is taking his punishment like a man. Goodell knows that the Steelers dealt with him in-house, and I'd imagine that's good enough for him. That's my two cents anyway.

As for Foote, I can appreciate where he is coming from, but his comments have a hint of "bitch" to them. He claims he's been unhappy -- really? Starting on two Super Bowl winning teams makes him unhappy? He's a solid role player, but his skills are limited. He's thrived in the Steeler system and they have helped him as much as he's helped them. They took a chance on a 5th rounder and groomed him into a starter on an excellent defense. How did Earl Holmes do after he left the Steeler system?

Anonymous said...

I can see a team trading for foote. There would be no signing bonus or long term commitment as you basicallyget to try the player out for a year before making a decision.

That has to be worth a 5th round pick and if we get two teams interested we might get lucky.

Ben said...

I'm surprised the Lions didn't want him on draft day. They needed a linebacker and you'd think a guy with Foote's resume would draw interest. Also, with the influx of new 3-4 teams, you'd think a lot of them would want a starting 34 LB with two rings. But like Dale said, they can just wait until he is released -- which will happen -- and sign him to whatever deal they see fit.

Anonymous said...

Dale - have u looked into the Steelers salary cap situation?

The only reason it would make sense to cut Foote imo would be to extend Miller or to sign our rookies

Anonymous said...

This isn't Holmes first strike is it? He had a couple run ins-on was dismissed though. But the others were not for drugs I don't think. He had at least 2-3 run in in college which I realize do not count now.

I hope the team is freeing up money to get the numerous fa's we have signed!

Dale Lolley said...

The only things that count against players are what happens once they are a member of their pro team.
As for how many strikes Holmes has, we don't know because the first one isn't made public. But I've been told that was his first. Can't say for sure though. The commissioner's office did say that it felt the situation was dealt with.

As for Foote, why trade for him when you know he's goiing to be cut?
Like I said, unless somebody gets a player hurt this weekend, that's unlikely to happen. They can wait until he's released and sign him. Why give up a draft pick if you don't have to?

Their cap situation is still tight. They were $450,000 or so under going into the draft.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to have a special section to out the 14 people who voted for Duke Robinson in the first round.

Dale Lolley said...

Yeah, I gave Dulac some crap about that on Sunday when he lasted so long. He was Gerry's pick last month before the offensive coordinator set him straight.