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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Batch speaks - sort of - about Steelers

I caught up with Charlie Batch briefly following the Steelers' charity basketball game at Washington & Jefferson College - which benefitted the Special Olympics.

Batch, who's usually very friendly and insightful with the media, was understandably evasive in his answers regarding the current state of the Steelers and what has transpired with the team in the past month.

Here's what he told me:

Q: Charlie, I saw two Steelers quarterbacks out there tonight (Dennis Dixon was the other) are we going to see any more quarterbacks at these kind of events?

"We just play the games. This is like the 50th game we've played. I don't know who's going to play."

Q: With everything that's happened, obviously, you've always been a guy who's done all the right things, but did the Steelers' image take a hit?

"You all can answer that, it's really not for me to answer."

Q: But has the response you've gotten at events like this remained positive?

"They're happy to see us."

Q: There's a good chance you or Dennis could end up starting the season as the starting quarterback. Have you given that any thought?

"I haven't given any thought to that. We haven't even started our practices yet. It's too early to start worrying about next season. I don't know at this point what's going to happen. I keep on reading what you write."

Q: Is it tough seeing teammates go through stuff like this?


Q: And former teammates.

"Really, I'm not going to answer anything about that. This really isn't the right time for that."


Michael said...

not sure what, if anything, to make of that "teammates?" comment..

was that meant as a jab?

Anonymous said...

I can't even try to read between the lines because he didn't say a damn thing!

Dale Lolley said...

This is probably what you should get used to hearing from the players about the whole situation involving both Roethlisberger and Holmes. I don't think they'll touch it at all - though I'll bet Hines Ward will have something to say about the Holmes issue.
But I'm betting even he won't delve into Roethlisberger's situation.

Anonymous said...
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Dale Lolley said...

Your comment was fine until the last part. Can't let that go.

Dan said...


You should have asked Batch about the time he was accused of rape. He went through an experience similar to what Ben is experiencing now.

Anonymous said...

maybe batch knew the stillers were signing leftwich, meaning that chaz knew his days with the stillers are numbered...