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Monday, April 26, 2010

The "official" URFA list

As happens every year, the list of undrafted rookie free agents is in flux until the teams actually get their names on a contract, signed, sealed and delivered.

This year was no different for the Steelers.

Here is this year's official list:

Fullback Detemetrius Taylor (6-0, 273) of Virginia Tech, guard Dorrian Brooks (6-2, 306) of James Madison, safeties Justin Thornton (6-1, 213) of Kansas and Da'Mon Cromartie-Smith (6-2, 210) of UTEP, offensive tackle Kyle Jolly (6-6, 300) of North Carolina, defensive tackle Cordarrow Thompson (6-2, 301) of Virginia Tech and center/guard A.J. Trump (6-3, 300) of Miami.


Adam said...

What happened to Ciron Black?

Anonymous said...

Dale, is Detemetrius Taylor (6-0, 273) being moved to Fullback, or is that a typo from the Steelers? I'd love to see the Steelers successfully convert a DT into a FB. Thanks as always for the good info.

kelly said...

Taylor will apparently be a FB. He played RB in high school.

Dale Lolley said...

They're calling him a fullback.

As for Ciron Black, I'm not sure where he's at. He was on the initial list I got and he's not showing up anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Why did you report the previous list as news?