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Friday, April 09, 2010

DA to announce decision Monday

From the AP: A district attorney in Georgia plans to announce whether charges will be brought in a case of sexual assault accusations against Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.
District Attorney Fred Bright said in a statement Friday that he had reviewed all the investigation reports and will hold a news conference Monday to announce a decision.

Authorities earlier this week wrapped up their investigation into a 20-year-old college student’s claim that the two-time Superbowl champion sexually assaulted her early March 5 at a club in Milledgeville.

No charges have been filed. Roethlisberger’s lawyer, Ed Garland, has disputed the assault claim and hired his own team to investigate.


Considering the DA just received the information from the case from the police last week, this is a pretty quick turnaround on whether or not he's going to prosecute.

Though I'm not an expert in criminal proceedings, this would appear to be good news for Roethlisberger. If the DA thought he had a very solid case, he may take his time to get his ducks in a row before heading to court.

The fact that he's moving quickly on this could mean he feels the evidence is flimsy and he can't win a conviction.


marc said...

i don't know, dale. that could go either way. i'm sure when they handed the DA the report it wasn't the first time he/she had seen or discussed the case. and, the investigation did take much longer than anticipated, i.e. getting their ducks in a row?

i still think it is 50/50. in my opinion, the only thing favoring roethlisberger is that if the DA knows they will file charges, why not say it now instead of waiting until monday.

ch3 said...

I don't know? I don't see why a press conference would be scheduled just to say they are not charging him. To me I think it is bad news.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a lawyer, but this doesn't make me feel good about his chances, but let's have justice served either way.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like he would be announcing whether he is going to convene a grand jury to hear the charges. I agree that this seems like good news for the Big Jerk.

Anonymous said...

I would think if no charges would be filed, the DA would have made the announcement today.
Being it will be Monday, to me, it sounds like a negative for Ben.
Also on the noon tv news, if Ben is convicted, they expect the commissioner to suspend him.
Hopefully all of this will be over before serious workouts start and they know how to proceed with the 2010 season. (Throw it up, or run like crazy).

Anonymous said...

It was reported in the tribune review that the DA took a walk through of the night club on Monday of this week. It was not confirmed that it related to the BB case though but obviously it appears to be the case.
I don't know what to expect Monday, but I hope it is charges or case is closed and not referring it to the grand jury which will only prolong the limbo.

Anonymous said...

So can we expect to see an advertisement of Ben with a somber face while listening to his father's advice. The club where the incident occured may want to shell out some cash for that, after all some large corporations have decided all publicity is good for business regardless of the context.

Dale Lolley said...

Now that I've thought about it more, he's probably going to announce he's washing his hands of it and sending it to a grand jury to let them decide. That way, if the GJ decides on no charges, he can tell his constituents it was the GJ's decision. If it decides to move forward, he can take at least partial credit.

As for the commissioner suspending Roethlisberger if he's convicted, that's the no duh statement of the year. We need to watch the noon news to learn this?

Anonymous said...

still seeking an indictment from a grand jury is an active role that the prosecutor takes on. typically when a prosecutor seeks an indictment he gets it. only needs to show it was probable or likely that the crime occurred. much lower level of proof than the DA would need to convict. i guess my point is (putting politics aside) a DA would not take a case to the grand jury unless he felt he could get an indictment.

So IF GA prosecutor announces BB case going to grand jury he would say something like:

"Based on the evidence found during the investigation conducted by law enforcement, I will seek to indict BB for "insert crime here" the next time the grand jury convenes.

So going to the grand jury would be a blow to BB. Of course, charges may be dropped all together or DA could announce some minor infraction . . . maybe providing alcohol to a minor and say no evidence suggests any other charges are warranted.

other_patrick said...

Maybe the DA wants to enjoy the weekend without being harassed by a bunch of reporters.

IMO if he was going to charge him there's no need for a press conference because there's little to be said.

Anonymous said...

Precisely what I was going to post, Dale.

This is textbook. The case is probably pretty flimsy, the DA realizes that, and doesn't want to be the 'bad guy' locally when ultimately Ben gets a slap on the wrist or nothing in the way of criminal charges. He'll let the GJ be the entity to take that heat.

D.A.s have to worry about re-election. Grand Juries don't.

Michael said...

ESPN just confirmed that charges will not be filed against Roethlisberger.

Steeler fans rejoice...?

Anonymous said...

Kind of off topic but, Dale, any approximate date when the schedule is announced?

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

ALL OF YOU SUCK. DALE, Redskins are racist cause they got rid of black QB

Collin Williams said...

Anonymous, Are you a complete idiot. Redskins aren't racist just because they got rid of a black QB so shut up. Who cares if they got rid of a black QB it's not racist. Everything's racist isn't it.

Dale Lolley said...

I'm pretty sure that was a jab at my Tomlin post, Colin. Whatever. Dude's got his head buried in the sand if he doesn't think there are some racists who won't accept a black head coach and that they've been waiting for a reason to want Tomlin fired.
Again, whatever.

As for the Roethlisberger situation, it appears he'll be cleared. It will still be interesting to see how's he's treated by the fans after this.

Patrick said...

If the reports are true that the girl is practically in hiding because of this, then I don't think we'll see a civil case out of this either. A possible trial on that would put her and her entire history into the public light - something that she apparently does not want at all.

The fans will be the fans and have their opinions until he starts winning games again. In my opinion, hes an idiot for putting himself in this situation again and he needs to get his ego checked somehow. A 1 or 2 game suspension by the team would be fine by me, but I don't see it hapenning.

Dale, any thoughts on the recent report that Holmes will indeed miss 4 games due to a suspension? Someone had that rumor on here awile ago. I'm actually curious if Holmes will even play for the Steelers this year and I definitely don't see him being with the team in 2011.

Anonymous said...

"As for the Roethlisberger situation, it appears he'll be cleared. It will still be interesting to see how's he's treated by the fans after this."

It's not as if he was ever treated great.

*Remembers 2008 season when fans wanted leftwich over ben*

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh Steelers, the new NFL poster team for punks, criminals, drunks, douchebags, woman abusers, and dopeheads.
Is this the "classy" organization that the media and Goodell keeps referring to?
Ok, this is a "classy" team.........and the "Mean Machine" had a roster full of classy players too.

Anonymous said...

Steelers will dominate as always and bring home another SuperBowl chamionship thanks to Mr. Roethlisberger. And he will win MVP.

Anonymous said...

Even if he's cleared he admit to the police the he had sexual contact with her. Lock him up an throw the key away. Let's make him a pad of Big Ben SEXUAL CONSENT FORMS so this he said she stiff is out the window.

Greg Mercer said...

Will all the fans who called for him to be cut or traded please send me their Big Ben jerseys?

now i know why it took Bradshaw so long to return to Pittsburgh.

Michael said...

Greg has it right...

It's one thing to criticize your own players, or to question some of their antics, however, but to desert them when they need the fans the most is pretty sad.

And Ben never talked to the police, I believe what you are referring to are the "sources" that the local station had.

Ryan said...

initial thoughts on the santonio trade?

Dave said...