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Monday, April 26, 2010

Roethlisberger's statement

Here is the full transcript of Ben Roethlisberger's statement regarding his suspension by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

“The Commissioner’s decision to suspend me speaks clearly that more is expected of me. I am accountable for the consequences of my actions. Though I have committed no crime, I regret that I have fallen short of the values instilled in me by my family. I will not appeal the suspension and will comply with what is asked of me ─ and more.

Missing games will be devastating for me. I am sorry to let down my teammates and the entire Steelers fan base. I am disappointed that I have reached this point and will not put myself in this situation again.

I appreciate the opportunities that I have been given in my life and will make the necessary improvements.”


thomas said...

So will Dixon start?

Anonymous said...

"Though I have committed no crime..."

Should have left that phrase out, completely.

Roethlisberger and his support staff are dumber than dirt. Why the hell do you remind everyone of the most negative point of what you just went through?

The only reason he wasn't charged was the fact the he had two cops working with a local cop, and let's not forget the agent that jumped in and said "No questions without a lawyer."

Ben wasn't trustworthy enough to party in GA without an rep from his agency tagging along to cover his ass.

When a 28 year old needs 3 different babysitters to cover his ass screams a hell of a lot.

Anonymous said...

If Ben hadn't specified that he didn't commit a crime, all the vultures (probably including yourself) would have cited this statement as an admission of guilt.

He is immature and seemingly has issues with alcohol and how he treats people, but he's not a criminal. The way this issue has been treated, that distinction needs to be made clear.

We will see if he can improve himself from just "not a criminal", to an actual good person.

Anonymous said...

Ben has more baggage than the new show on the Game Show Network!

Dale Lolley said...

He said that in case the accuser attempted to use the statement in a civil suit.
I'd say that makes his lawyers pretty smart. They are reminding a possible jury that no criminal charges were filed.

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt that Ben's attorneys scrutinized his statement very carefully. It's important to remember that the DA declined to file charges against Ben but he could always change his mind. That statute of limitations on rape is significantly longer than a civil case and a misconstrued statement at this juncture could have severe consequences. That is why the disclaimer was put in there rather succinctly.

All that said, this is the first step in what I believe is still a very long road ahead for Ben. I can already hear the echoing chants of "no means no!" when he goes on the road. Not to mention the hometown fans who feel let down.

It's going to take a lot more than this to find any sort of redemption but at least Ben has the opportunity to redeem himself. We'll see what he does with it.


Anonymous said...

Agreed, actions speak louder than words. We'll see what he does with his second (at least) chance.

Anonymous said...

I think Ben's actions have earned him a cameo appearance on the Jerry Springer Show.

marc said...

you would have to think the vast majority of reps in training camp, practice, and preseason games will go to dixon and leftwich. what kind of game shape will #7 be in if he's allowed back after 4 weeks?

separately, that dwyer pick looks like an absolute steal. i hope this kid comes in and runs over people. he almost has to make the roster or he'll get picked up off teh practice squad, right?

joseph said...

I for one am glad this is all almost behind us. And we can focus on football next. Ben will do his time, seek therapy ala Tiger Woods, and come back and hopefully be a better person and teammate for it. Maybe he leads us to a SB and it becomes the news story of the year.

rocket9 said...

I think its over if they fans allow it be over. It's a sordid episode that resulted in no charges or even "probable cause" for charges. You don't have to let Ben off the hook for his horrendous judgement fueled by apparent alcohol problems. I once added up the embarrassing things I had done in my life. I came up with 8 that I was truly ashamed of. 7 of them took place as a direct result of booze. You get that under control and I believe people like Ben would eliminate a lot of grief in his life.

The only thing about Dwyer I don't like is...he apparently didn't do much blocking in college. TRue? I am no draft guy so I wonder if anyone has the inside poop on that.But he looks like a steal.

Anonymous said...

Most college running backs are lousy at blocking when they get to the pros. they're used to being handed the ball or running the option. He's a big kid who is not afraid of contact so he should adjust pretty easily.

Anonymous said...

I sure seems as if a lot of you think since no charges were filed that Ben's actions are not important. There is a big difference between between being not guilty and innocent. Ben is a horses butt and most folks that have actually benn aroubd him at bar know what sort of a jerk he is.

Anonymous said...

I am sick to death of the Roethlisberger apologists saying he did nothing wrong.

I can't wait to root for Leftwich and the Steelers in their first four games. And if you think this punk of a criminal QB is behind us, check out week 5 if the Steelers are 3-1 or better.

Anonymous said...

I am sick to death of the Roethlisberger apologists saying he did nothing wrong.

I can't wait to root for Leftwich and the Steelers in their first four games. And if you think this punk of a criminal QB is behind us, check out week 5 if the Steelers are 3-1 or better.

Anonymous said...

We could be 4-0 and Ben would still start the 5th game. Ignorant fans would be upset but they don't make the coaching decisions. If he is eligible to play, you have to put the best player on the field.

I don't think anyone thinks Ben has done nothing wrong. It needs to be said by sensible people though that he has never even been arrested and that he is not a rapist. He is creepy d-bag who needs to grow up and have some humility. Fans should still root for him to play well as long as he is a Steeler because when he plays well (which is the vast majority of the time), the Steelers win. I want to see the Steelers win.