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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Prospects visits list

Here's a list of the 32 players I've been able to track as having visited the Steelers in the weeks leading up to the draft.

You'll notice a large number of wide receivers, linebackers, offensive linemen and defensive backs.

Teams are permitted to bring in 30 players for a second-round of visits. Sometimes, it's just for medical purposes. Others, it's to get a more extensive interview.

But over the years, many of the players the Steelers have selected have come from the group of players the team has brought in for its second round of interviews.

You'll also note that there are more than the 30 teams are permitted to bring in. That's because local players don't count against that number.

Here's this year's list:

RB LeGarette Blount; WR Dez Bryant; WR Regus Benn; WR Antonio Brown; WR Golden Tate; WR Carlton Mitchell; WR Emmanuel Sanders; WR Joe Webb; TE Rob Gronkowski; C Maurkice Pouncey; OG Mike Iupati; OT Rodger Saffold, OG Jacques McClendon; OG Chris DeGeare; NT Linval Joseph; DE Clifton Geathers; DE Alex Carrington; DE/LB Jerry Hughes; LB Sean Lee; LB Navorro Bowman, LB Koa Misi; LB Eric Norwood; LB Albert McClellan; DT Mike Neal; FS Earl Thomas; CB Kyle Wilson; CB Kareem Jackson; FS Darrell Stuckey; CB Brandon Ghee; CB Nolan Carroll; TE Dorin Dickenson; TE Nate Byham


Patrick said...

guys who I think/would like to be Steelers from that list without being absurd:

Rd 1 Iupati
Rd 2 Tate (in a trade up)
Rd 3 (I actually can't find anyone who might be there in 3 that I see them taking besides Blount....but he'll be there in 4 I think)
Rd 4 Blount (In a possible trade up)

I'm not the biggest draftnik and won't pretend to be. I don't like going WR before Round 3 but I think the Steelers might go after Tate. Seems like their type of player.

Thats also a lot of offense on my list, so more than likely a DB will be taken in Rd 2 or 3. But I'm almost convinced Iupati is the Rd 1 pick if hes there.

Anonymous said...

The 49ers are likely to pick Iupati, I'm inclined to think the Steelers drop back a few picks and take Maurkice Pouncey. They then package whatever they got out of that move to move up in the 2nd round and take either a WR or DB.... but that's just me.

Thomas said...

I think the Steelers drop back a few picks unless Thomas or McClain are there at 18. Pouncey would be a nice pick if they could trade back a few spots.

Pistol said...


Any chance you throw out how you want the first 3 rounds to go??
Heres mine
Rd 1- Earl Thomas - S
Rd 2- Kareem Jackson- CB
Rd 3- Jordan Shipley - WR


Michael said...

I'm pretty sure we will only be picking boy scouts this draft in lieu of recent events...

if there are any possible character concerns then scratch em off the list

now having said that i would love dez bryant to fall to us...

Anonymous said...

Shame that Bradford is not on this list. Not that I want the Steelers to trade or cut Ben, but I think bringing Bradford in would send a very loud message.